Why are elephants good luck charms?

Those lovable large mammals we like to call elephants are one of the world’s most beloved animals. These gentle giants have been walking the earth in one form or another for millions of years, which makes it upsetting to think about their dwindling numbers due to habitat loss and poaching. Up until the past few decades, humans and elephants have co-existed amicably, for the most part. It’s a testament to their magnificence that throughout the ages, people have been fascinated by elephants, and many silently wonder – are elephants a symbol of good luck?

The answer is yes. For many, collecting jewelry and other items featuring elephants, do mean that those items come with the possibility of experiencing good luck. While there is no absolute proof that elephant objects bring luck, you can certainly enjoy beautiful objects crafted in the shape of elephants. If you love elephants and lucky charms, you can always combine the two by wearing elephant charms on a bracelet or necklace.

Meanwhile, have fun learning about the various ways people wish for good luck by owning elephant items along with their meaning.


They Bring Good Fortune

Elephants often represent good fortune. The reason why is lost to time, but any elephant image can be used to signify the coming of good things in a person’s life. Additionally, giving someone a gift of an elephant object can be a way of wishing them good luck. However, for good fortune to arrive, you must select elephant items that depict the elephant with its tusk raised in an upward position. Many makers of elephant jewelry, statues, etc. know this, which is why raised tusks are commonly shown.

They Attract Abundance

Elephants are associated with abundance, which is related to overall good fortune. Some cultures depict elephants with rain clouds, and this is a direct reference to them being connected to the bountiful harvests produced by farming communities.

They Provide Protection

In ancient times, some cultures enlisted elephants in the war effort. This was done by starting their training early, while they were still babies, and continuing their training throughout their growth. Men would ride elephants into battle, and you can find illustrations and paintings depicting elephants in various battle scenes.

Fortunately, they are no longer needed for this tough work. But this is where the idea of elephants being strong protectors originally came from.

They Represent Strength

You can just look at a fully grown elephant and know right away that this is one strong animal. They tower above us and they have an impressive girth, weighing anywhere from 4,000 to 14,000 pounds. They can use their mighty heft to knock over fences and lift or pull heavy objects that the average person needs a machine to move. And yet, they are for the most part, gentle creatures who won’t bother you, unless you pose a threat to their safety.

Elephants Create Close Bonds

Elephants symbolize family and friendship through close bonds. Most elephants live and travel within small to large packs that include individuals, youth and babies. They form deep relationships with each other, just like humans, making elephant jewelry a great gift for someone you love.

Elephants Symbolize Wisdom

Elephants are smart, and their millions of years of survival bares this out. It’s a joy to watch elephants appreciate a man playing beautiful piano music for them or watching them use their trunk to paint whatever inspires them to express their artistic talent.


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