[Letter From a Locked Bridge]

Oh Sweethearts,

You adore each other. I get it. You’re also addicted to Instagram (same here, sigh, for longer than I should admit), where you spend literal hours looking at pictures of my European cousins covered in initial-etched padlocks and you want to participate because shameless sentimentality is kind of wonderful, yeah? How about this Intertwined Initials Lock Pendant instead?

Instead of compromising the structural integrity of a public bridge, you can tell Waxing Poetic your particular pair of lovelocked initials and our expert metalsmiths will literally cut and torch-forge them together before soldering them to a brass padlock pendant before adding it to our fan-favorite Everything Necklace Boom: just you two, in letterform, entangled in the best way, and wearable. A Particular Pair deserves particular attention, and this [interwtined initials lock pendant] + [everything necklace] is very much that, and at a special price for Valentine’s Day. Get twined.


Celebrate the good kind of entanglement this Valentine’s Day with an Everything Necklace adorned with an Intertwined Insignia Pendant


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