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Initial & Monogrammed Charms
Waxing Poetic initial charms and monogram pendants are very personal, special gifts for a dear friend or family member. Whether they prefer a delicate sterling silver initial charm necklace or something a bit bolder, we promise it will be a gift they treasure for many years to come. You can even gift yourself with one of our distinctive Insignia Initial Charms, custom monogrammed charms or oval monogram pendants. Have you been looking for decorative alphabet charms for necklaces or bracelets? Our initial charms are truly works of art!
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Waxing Poetic Letter Charms — A Celebration of Self

Whether worn alone on a chain or bracelet, in tandem with a meaningful symbol or as part of a charm bracelet of one’s life milestones, a letter charm celebrates the individual. The power of a person’s initial makes it a special kind of talisman. The artistic styles offered reflect each person’s innermost nature and are expertly handcrafted by our skilled artisans in sterling silver, brass or a combination of the two. There are also more unusual insignia charms with materials such as glass and jet-black resin. Choose from single initials with simpler or more ornate backgrounds. We have sterling and brass initial charms, either with separate lettering or intertwined initials. Customize these with two letters, which can either be a person’s first and last initials or possibly the first or last initials of a new couple! There are styles for both women and men, and they make wonderful gifts for a friend, partner — or even a child or grandchild!

Custom Oval Monogram Pendants

Choose from two or three initials for our stately and sophisticated oval monogram pendants. They’re available with your choice of serif or sans serif typefaces and are handcrafted in sterling silver with brass initials and accents.

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