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or the inner-journeying kind
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Charms, with their long and storied history, date back to pre-historic times when, it is believed, a talisman or amulate was worn to ward off bad luck and evil spirits. Charms were worn throughout history in many parts of the world, from African shells and Egyptian luck charms, to Medieval knights' charms and medallions for protection in battle. Charm bracelets were worn by European nobles. In 1889 Tiffany and Co. introduced their iconic charm bracelet: a simple link bracelet with a heart.

In modern days, the charm bracelet carries various ornaments that depict milestones or interests in a person’s life. As such, they hold great meaning to the wearer. Waxing Poetic charms and pendants are available in many styles, with symbols ranging from ancient and traditional to objects from contemporary life and powerful affirmations. Are you looking for sterling silver personalized charms? Our charms and pendants are handcrafted by skilled artisans from materials such as sterling silver, brass, bronze and white bronze, with adornments that include aquamarine, honey pearl, Swarovski crystals, rose quartz, moonstone, white pearl, pyrite, turquoise and much more. If you’d like to create your own waxing poetic necklaces, choose the pendants you like and match them with our elegant chains.

Birthstone Charms and Foundation Stone Pendants

Our Tiny Light Birthstone Charm series celebrates the month of one’s birth, or it can represent a favorite stone or color. Our Foundation Stones honor our foundations and what makes each individual special and unique, though these can also be thought of as birthstones.

Words of Strength and Daily Affirmations

Affirmations can be extremely powerful, and when worn, even more so! We offer a large selection of powerful words and phrases that can inspire and empower, even during the most challenging times. Do you “dare to dream”? From words rich with meaning, such as “love,” “kindness” and “faith,” to phrases that can be personal mantras, like “carpe diem” and “celebrate the journey,” you’ll find an affirmation that resonates with your spirit — or one that beckons to be gifted to someone special in your life.

Symbols of Nature and Animal Charms

If you’re a nature lover, be sure to browse our nature and animal charms. You’ll discover a menagerie of birds and bees, butterflies, dragonflies and many other creatures. We have charms that will remind you of scouting badges, with depictions of a cat, dog, horse, elephant, owl and turtle. You will find everything under (and including!) the sun, moon and stars.

Religious and Spiritual Charms

Our Supernaturals series of charms are inspired by the world’s myths and legends, and we have beautiful cross charms, the sacred Tree of Life and other ancient symbols of spiritual faith.

Personal Vocabulary and Heart Charms

If you have a special moment in your life that you wish to recall, our Personal Vocabulary charms are just the thing! These clever and decorative icons can spark delicious memories just with their presence. If you want to remember someone special, or to be remembered by someone special, choose from various heart designs for the many manifestations of love.

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