Exploring the Beauty of Chains: A Guide to the Chains and Lengths Offered by Waxing Poetic

We believe in the power of poetic expression to capture the essence of who you are. Just as each poem tells a unique story, our collection of chains offers a variety of options to adorn your favorite pieces and carry your personal narrative with grace and style. Be your own muse.


Chain Types

Our chains are hand crafted with attention to detail and quality materials, ensuring durability and elegance. Here are some of the chain types available:

  • Classic Cable Chain: Timeless and versatile, the classic cable chain features interlocking oval links for a refined look that complements any pendant or charm.
  • Ball Chain: Characterized by small spherical beads linked together, the ball chain adds a touch of whimsy and texture to your jewelry ensemble.
  • Rolo Chain: With uniformly sized round links connected in a simple yet sophisticated design, the rolo chain offers a sleek and polished appearance suitable for both casual and formal wear.
  • Figaro Chain: The figaro chain features a pattern of alternating long and short links, creating an eye-catching visual appeal that adds dimension to your jewelry pieces.

Length Options

In addition to diverse chain styles, we offer a range of lengths to suit individual preferences and styling needs. Here are the length options available:

  • 16 Inches: A classic length that rests just below the collarbone, perfect for showcasing delicate pendants or charms close to the neckline.
  • 18 Inches: Slightly longer than the standard length, the 18-inch chain provides versatility for layering with other necklaces or wearing alone as a statement piece.
  • 20 Inches: Offering a more extended silhouette, the 20-inch chain drapes elegantly over the chest, making it ideal for pairing with scoop-neck or V-neck tops.
  • 24 Inches and Beyond: For those seeking a dramatic effect or desiring a longer chain to accommodate larger pendants or charms, we offer lengths ranging from 24 inches and beyond.


Customization Options

At Waxing Poetic, we understand that personal style is as unique as the individual. That's why many of our chains come with adjustable lengths or extension chains, allowing you to customize the fit and layering options according to your preferences.


Care and Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of your chains and preserve their lustrous shine, we recommend storing them separately from other jewelry pieces to prevent tangling and scratching. Clean your chains regularly with a soft cloth or gentle jewelry cleaner to remove dirt and oils accumulated from everyday wear.


Whether you prefer the classic elegance of a cable chain or the whimsical allure of a ball chain, Waxing Poetic offers a diverse selection of chains and lengths to elevate your jewelry collection. Explore our website to find the perfect chain to complement your favorite pendants, charms, and poetic expressions.

Embrace the beauty of chains and let your story unfold with Waxing Poetic.




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