Free Shipping On all Orders
Free Shipping On All Orders
30% OFF On Orders Over $99 USE CODE: EXTRA30 For a limited time, select pieces are on sale. This is your opportunity to purchase Waxing Poetic collector's pieces while supplies last.
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Waxing Poetic Sale – Limited Time Savings on Select Jewelry Pieces from Various Collections

Do you love a great bargain? Browse our Waxing Poetic clearance sale collection to find jewelry treasures galore. All of our clearance sale jewelry is marked down — to see how much you can save take a look at each item. There are a wide variety of artisan jewelry designs to discover and you may be surprised at what you find at a discount.

Among the sale items are pendants, charms, bracelets, earrings, chokers, necklaces and rings. We’ve listed the discounted price and you can see the previous price for comparison. Enjoy browsing and remember that these sale items are here for only a limited time, so plan your shopping spree accordingly.

Treat Yourself

What better time to give yourself a much-deserved jewelry treat than during a discount sale? If you have been waiting for the right moment to buy new jewelry pieces, there is no better time than right now. It’s okay to reward yourself every now and then with something a bit luxurious. With so many options, there is bound to be at least one jewelry piece that speaks to you in a personal way. We offer everything from word charms to sparkling gemstone earrings. And, since you’re doing the choosing, you know you’re going to love this self-love treat.

Add to a Collection

Take advantage of our clearance sale to expand your jewelry collection. We know that some of our customers like to wait and see what’s on sale for this very purpose. Sales make it easier for you to indulge in a favorite style of jewelry or to select more than one item at a time. Let’s say that you’re looking for a posy ring for sale and you happen to come across a sterling silver cuff that would go so well with many of your outfits. With discount pricing, you may be able to add both the ring and the cuff to your collection.

Repeat this scenario for any of our sale jewelry items. Before you know it, your collection grows in an exceptionally satisfying way, and you save a bundle.

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