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Nourish Body & Soul With EarthTonics

Daron Hope at EarthTonics is a maker after our own hearts. Deeply connected to Mother Nature, healing and the products she creates, each formula of fresh, herbal ingredients is an alchemic conduit for holistic skincare. A return to nature’s definition of true beauty and self-care.

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We are the Forgers - An Evening of Giving and Receiving with Poet and Rock Legend Patti Smith

It was early March, when John and I met Patti Smith, when we did not have to distance ourselves, and we could hug one another and stand shoulder-to-shoulder. Given the threat of coronavirus, it feels like a world ago. We gathered in a beautiful black tent and Patti delivered us to ourselves as only she could do, through wildly-tamed, powerful and poetic spoken and sung words.

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Use Your Planets Wisely with Dr. Jennifer Freed

Dr. Jennifer Freed, the Santa Barbara based master Jungian psychological astrologer, whom I have known for over 10 years, has a profound and poetic new book, “Use Your Planets Wisely.” Jennifer is also the founder of AHA! (Attitude | Harmony | Achievement), a program for underserved and at-risk youth, and a frequent contributor to Goop.

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Synchronicities & the Inner Compass with Elizabeth Gilbert

The idea for the “Inner Compass” collection came to me by following my own, and then a meaningful coincidence happened, after I read a post by Liz Gilbert, whom I was about to meet for the first time.

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Save the Elephants

All Elephants deserve our respect, wonder, love, and when necessary, our protection. Historically, humans haven’t done so well in this regard. Elephants worldwide are in trouble because of poaching, habitat fragmentation and other human actions.

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What the World Needs Now with Bridget Fonger and Jen Pastiloff

We recently held an event at our flagship store, The Shopkeepers in Santa Barbara, welcoming acclaimed authors Bridget Fonger (Superhero of Love) and Jen Pastiloff (On Being Human) into conversation.

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Beauty of Change with Everviolet

I got a chance introduction to Keira Kotler, the founder of Everviolet, through my friend Nicole, who shared her story with me and said “you will LOVE Keira and what she is up to!”

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