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A beautifully designed Waxing Poetic necklace - either our complete styles or necklaces featuring charm catchers - helps communicate your personal story. It may be a simple yet elegant chain, colorful beads or a bold symbol that holds special significance. Here we honor the unique individual with our dazzling selection of necklaces in sterling silver, brass, bronze, gold plated sterling silver and various sterling silver and brass (or bronze) combinations. Our handcrafted Waxing Poetic necklaces are available in different styles, including beaded, cable chain, leather, rolo and twisted link.

Beaded Chains and Amulets

If you’re in the mood to make a bold statement, we offer unusual silver chains with adornments such as brass rings, metallic gold beads, pyrite and semi-precious stones.

There are also artistically styled pendants, from arrows, intertwined initials and dramatic crosses to a cluster of Swarovski crystals, an anchor, a compass and a dove of peace. Choose from an angel, a star, a moon, the Tree of Life and other meaningful symbols.

Romantic Y Chain Necklaces and Chokers

Y necklaces are romantic, and they make no apologies for that. They’re extremely flattering and feminine and look wonderful with a low-cut evening gown — but take it from us; they’re equally sophisticated with a T-shirt! In fact, these graceful necklaces can dress up any wardrobe.

Chokers have a long, proud tradition dating as far back as 2500 BC, and were frequently worn by ancient Egyptians and Sumerians. At that time, they were believed to have protective power.

Chains Awaiting Charms

You’ll find many chains that are designed with a ring that are designed to accept a charm, yet they’re stunning all by themselves. We call these “charm catchers”. You can choose from simple sterling silver chains or more decorative chains with beads, stones or even freshwater pearls.

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