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Nature Jewelry & Charms
To pay attention.
To wander.
To live in this beauty.
To connect.
To reflect. To be poetic.
This is the beauty of the natural world.
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We are all connected to our surroundings and nature is a part of those surroundings, whether you live in a city or rural environment. It’s easy to feel intimately connected to nature — nature calls you and you respond by acknowledging its beauty. Our nature themed jewelry is inspired by our wonderful planet and all of its living creatures.

Earthy Elegance

Interpreting our natural environment into wearable jewelry designs is always a pleasure at Waxing Poetic. Our nature jewelry combines admiration for what we can physically see with appreciation for creativity. This combination helps us create jewelry that is both down-to-earth and elegant enough to wear to work or out to dinner. We make sure to include intricate details in many of our pieces to ensure they do the subject theme justice.

Earthy elegance can be found in the metallic petals of a flower design, in the simplicity of a starfish design and in the detail work of realistic feathers. Adorn your person with one, or several pieces, for a look that reflects your love of nature.

Winged Wonders

Catching a glimpse of a bird in flight or a winged insect zooming by is a never-ending delight. Some of these winged creatures have won over our hearts and minds and we honor their presence by wearing them as representative jewelry pieces. Favorites include the fast-winged hummingbird, the beautiful butterfly, the wise owl, the slender dragonfly and the busy bee. One or more of these winged wonders may capture your heart, and we’re delighted to offer them as constant jewelry companions.

Celestial Sensations

Have you ever wished upon a star, gazed dreamily at the moon or turned to the sun for energy and warmth? If so, you’re in good company! The moon, stars and sun are timeless symbols of celestial dreams, desires and passions. Far away planets visible through telescopes are another source of dreamy wonder. These celestial bodies can be mysterious, empowering and uplifting. Wear them alone or combine your favorites any way you desire.

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