How to measure rings size at home

Isn’t it funny that you never think about the size of your fingers until you start shopping for unique rings to wear, and that’s when it hits you – you don’t know/remember what size ring you wear. In the past, you may have bought rings in person while having the advantage of trying on various size rings to find ones that fit one or more fingers. But that’s not an option at the moment. Now, you’re wondering if there is anyway you can find out by measuring ring size at home.

Well, yes, there is a way, and we can show you how to measure ring size at home. In fact, we can show you several ways to do this measuring and you can pick the method that’s easiest for you.

Paper Sizer Method

Find a free paper ring sizer that you can print out on a home printer. Carefully cut out the sizer with scissors, and also cut a small slit at the end where indicated. You’ll notice the paper sizer has numbers representing ring sizes printed on it. Wrap the sizer around your finger (not too tightly) and pull the pointed end through the slit to make it fit like a ring. The arrow should point to your ring size.

String and Ruler Method

Grab a ball of string, a pair of scissors and a millimeter ruler. Cut a length of string that’s long enough to go around your finger, and then some. Wrap the string around your finger just underneath the knuckle and use a pen or marker to mark the end of finger space point. Align the string with the ruler markings and check a ring size chart to find your finger size.


Ring and Ruler Method

If you intend to buy the same size of ring that is similar to one you already have at home, you can use that ring to get an accurate measurement. For this method you need the ring and a millimeter ruler. Lay the ruler on a flat surface. Place the ring halfway over the ruler at a point where you can easily see ruler markings within the ring’s circle. Measure the diameter of the ring (inside area) and jot down the millimeter measurement and use the ring chart to pinpoint size. For example, a ring that is 17.3 mm is going to correspond to a size 7 ring.

Ring Sizing Tool Method

If you are not in a hurry, you can acquire a jewelry makers ring sizing kit that makes measuring fingers simple. These sets are inexpensive, and they can be useful for measuring fingers of all sizes and shapes. The kit includes a mandrel and ring sizer set.

Mandrel. This is an elongated cone-shaped tool made of durable metal. It has ring size measurements on its face, and there are usually U.S. ring sizes and millimeter numbers for comparison.

Ring sizer set. Metal rings in sizes petite to extra-large hang from a wire holder for safe keeping. Try on various rings until you find one that fits your finger. Slip this ring over the top of the mandrel and slide it down until it reaches its ring size measurement. That is your ring size.

Should You Go Up a Size?

Sometimes, you may find that a ring you want to buy doesn’t come in your exact size. This happens when rings are in whole sizes only. If you wear a half size, you should go up a size and add a ring size adjuster for a better fit.


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