Best Charm Bracelet Styles in 2021

More than any other type of bracelet, charm bracelets are widely known as a jewelry piece that allows you to self-express in a fun and meaningful way. This is probably why the charm bracelet is always in style and never gets boring to wear. In fact, they just keep evolving and getting better as new styles come along. We’re now in a new year and it’s time to reveal our list of the best charm bracelets for 2021. If you love boho style bracelets and charms, the following styles are ones to take note of because they can give your current jewelry collection a boost of beautiful vibrancy.

Elongated Links

Elongated shapes for jewelry chains are growing in popularity and they offer a refreshing change from the standard shorter length chain links that continue to be a favorite for many. And you can still wear those classic link bracelets. However, elongated links are proving to be a top favorite and bestseller for 2021, and we expect this trend to continue beyond this year, which is why it easily ranks number one on our list of best charm bracelets.

Hematite Beads

Hematite is one of nature’s most enduring minerals and this iron oxide is often found near bubbling mineral springs. It has a beautiful, rich dark grey or black color and when turned into stones or beads, it emits a strong calming energy that can help one concentrate or feel more grounded. Nature and celestial charm themes look fabulous with bracelets featuring beads of hematite.

Brass & Sterling Silver Links

Combining two different types of metal together in one bracelet can elevate both metals, and that’s the case with brass and sterling silver link bracelets. Both offer lots of shine and their color contrast works like a charm (pun intended). Brass captures the eye with its golden hue and silver gleams with mirror brightness. We like the way small brass links look with silver connectors and silver links as an accent. Jewelry designers can also do any number of fun designs with this pairing.

Glittery Beads

Can charm bracelets be fun and glittery? Yes, they can! Look for chain bracelets with faceted cut glass beads that glitter in the light like miniature disco balls. This style can be worn on a night out or during the day, just for fun.

Chunky Links

Go big and bold with charm bracelets that are crafted of chunky oval links. It’s the perfect style for someone who is outgoing or who enjoys bolder jewelry pieces.

Rope Links

The rope link bracelet puts a fun twist on the charm bracelet by intertwining rope-like metal links together. This creates a glamorous rustic/nautical jewelry piece that you can do a lot with when choosing charms.

Brass Bangle

The bangle bracelet is a timeless favorite for many who love wearing it just as it is or as a charm bracelet. A beautiful bangle made of quality brass is simple and elegant. It looks great with a single charm or several, and its versatile circular design can be worn with jeans or a party dress.

Choosing Charms

After selecting your favorite bracelet styles, it’s time to start looking at the latest charms for your bracelet. First, you may want to pick up some brass or silver charm clips to make attachment easy. Next, you can browse a collection of jewelry charms and see what charms offer the most personal meaning to you. Charms can help you express your likes, loves and passions.



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