Behind The Design - Intertwined Initials

Sometimes the origin of a piece and how an object is made is as present in it as what the piece represents or its function. This is how I feel about our Intertwined Initials pieces. The idea came about in quite a magical way. I had set out to create a monogram charm—initials for an individual, decidedly straightforward. But as I began to play around with fonts and designs, I accidentally pasted an initial right on top of another. A serendipitous accident. And the discovery of something that had quite a different impact than the letters set alone.


The journey was then to try to understand the ways the letters connect. How they interact with each other. Each letterform has such personality. Could this work and be legible? And could our artisans carve and cast and solder these custom pieces, one by one? I’m glad I didn’t let these questions stop the creative process, because you never know.


We tinkered on the letter combinations for many months, until we felt like they all worked well. Our artisans have to combine the letters in just the right way in order to solder them so they sit well on the base of the charm. We were so delighted that they kept going on the harder combinations, eventually mastering all.


The design was released with the name Intertwined Initials, which just felt right. The road to the birth of this custom piece has given it a lot of gravitas. It is a very intentional piece. Each charm or pendant holds an emotional memory beyond the letterforms, deeper into the mystery of love: the dance of the intertwined letters (which I sometimes refer to as a “lovers knot”) seems to carry an energy of this invisible force—our magnetic bond to one another.


I love how classic and gender-neutral this design is (in all its forms, as we have expanded the collection to include several different bases). Whether you go the traditional monogram route (your own initials), or entangle your initials with your partner’s (or friends, or siblings—anyone you are connected to!) this pendant carried all the love conveyed by those letters in a unified form.


The Intertwined Initials celebrate not just how we are bound to each other, but also how we are homeward bound to ourselves, and to love itself. The glorious tangle of initials holds close the dynamic joy in giving love and being loved—something so powerful, something to never forget.


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