Top Necklace Styles in 2021

It’s 2021 and you deserve to treat yourself to a new necklace or may two or three new necklaces. As you prepare to add to your collection of quality boho jewelry created with artistic flair, take a moment to browse this list of best necklace styles for women in 2021. Each necklace has its own special vibe and represents current trends in necklace design and craftsmanship.

Boho Soul Pearl

There’s something timeless about wearing a string of pearls around the neck, and that’s proven by the everlasting popularity of the pearl necklace. This particular design is an updated version of a classic, spacing freshwater pearls on an 18-inch chain. There’s a place at the bottom to add a favorite pendant if the mood arises.

Ensemble Bright Silver

Have you ever been undecided about what necklace to put on for a frolicking good time at a party or fun social event? This gleaming necklace with its collection of precision-cut silvery glass beads may just become your party time go-to necklace. Light dances off of each bead with every move and it looks fabulous on an 18-inch chain. Attach a cool pendant or charm to the easy-open clasp at the bottom.

Peace in Unity Medallion

One of the most powerful words ever spoken or written is beautifully engraved onto an oval pendant made of shiny brass. Its simple message needs no explanation and resonates with all who view it as it dangles around your neck on a brass chain. Wear it when you want to spread a little bit of peace and sunshine out into the world.

Amor Fati Rosary

Express your faith by wearing a delicate Amor Fati cross embedded with sparkling crystals on a Y-necklace chain in the style of an Italian rosary. The unique cross has an antique look that is heirloom quality. Balinese pearls, gold beads and a larger crystal combine to create a stunningly beautiful necklace.

Bee Brave Pyrite Lume

Support the survival of bees by wearing this gorgeous bee necklace that is both a decorative piece and a reminder to save the bees to help save our planet. The beautifully crafted bee pendant has a gleaming pyrite body and silver wings of extraordinary detail. The silver chain features beads and sculpted metal. This necklace has powerful eco-friendly meaning, and it includes a universal message of empowerment.

Guided By Heart

In life, there are always decisions to be made, and those decisions may be large or small, minor or life changing. During times when you are faced with making decisions of consequence, reach for this strikingly unique heart-shaped pendant necklace. On front, the sterling silver pendant features a dazzling array of Kristal crystals, which gleam from various angles. On back, you can see the words, “Guided by.” The simple message encourages you to always follow your heart as you encounter one decision after another.

Good Verbs Becoming

Are you at a point in your life where you feel you are evolving? Expressing this feeling of discovery, growth and rising fortunes is easier when you wear this beautiful gold-plated sterling silver necklace. At the end of a golden chain sits a golden butterfly with a Kristal crystal abdomen that sparkles in the light. It’s a bright piece to wear on days when you’re feeling especially good about being you.

Evolution Y Opal

If you’re looking for a versatile boho style necklace with natural stones, this is a great choice. It’s y-necklace design is populated with opal and accented with brass discs. It looks good with countless outfits and you can enhance it with charms and pendants.


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