Designer's Picks: The Voyage of Life

Anyone else in need of some guidance, or, say, an angel lately?
We each travel our own journey in life.  But there is also the collective journey that we travel together, made ever-so-much-clearer but the pandemic.  We move through stages, and as we hit the currents and rocks, we look beyond ourselves, to the light.  We look for our higher selves. We look for our angels.

In the words Amanda Gorman wrote and performed so eloquently at the inauguration, “There is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it.” Our new Voyage of Life angel, inward or otherwise, wherever and however, was created to remind us of just that.
Inspired by Thomas Cole’s “A Voyage of Life” series which depicts a voyager traveling by boat through the wilderness — an allegory of the seasons of life — this is the angel that gives us direction.
Thomas Cole, Old Age

“I haven’t designed many angel talismans in the past – the right angel just never came. But this one stopped me in my tracks when I saw a photo of her on a friend’s Instagram last Fall.  I love the paintings of the Hudson River School and Thomas Cole yet had forgotten this series.  It felt right for the moment, so I got to work and based a few pieces on her. I think she is stunning. Sometimes you just have to wait.”
Angel Pendant
In final painting in the series, the angel escorts the voyager across the waters of eternity, to heaven - an allegory for our own path to the beautiful world we know is possible here.

Look for the light, and trust your guide - now and always.

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