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Love Jewelry
A Generous Heart is an invaluable asset and the greatest ongoing gift. Love illuminates our hearts and brightens our spirits.
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Love Themed Jewelry – Unique Love Word Jewelry, Heart Charm, Heart Necklace and Heart Bangle

There is not just one way to love or to express love and that’s why our Love Jewelry collection is so much fun to browse. Love is whatever you want it to be in any given moment. There are days when your heart is bursting with feelings of sentimental love and there are days when love is more like a slow burning flame. Love is young. Love is mature. Love is kindness. Love is sharing. Love is a poem set to music. Love can brighten your day and put a spring in your step. Whatever love means to you, there’s a Waxing Poetic jewelry piece for expressing this emotion in the most personal way.

Heart-Shapes for the Heart

Heart shapes are one of the most enduring symbols associated with expressive jewelry design. All over the world, the heart symbol brings joy to those who understand its meaning. When you choose jewelry featuring heart shapes, you are sharing your love for this iconic symbol of universal love. Some jewelry pieces feature an open-heart design and others feature a solid heart. Perhaps, you adore both styles.

Charms can be in the shape of the heart and charms may have a 3D heart that gives the design more visual depth. With our jewelry, hearts appear in a variety of forms, and they’re all wonderful. From dainty to bold, you can find just the right heart for any occasion.

Words of the Heart

The word love is powerful, too, and when you want to spread love around, you can do so by choosing a lovely charm emblazoned with the “L” word. Our word jewelry offers another charming way to express yourself. Combine it with a heart-shaped charm for double the love.

Charms and Necklaces

Expressing love through jewelry is easy when you select our distinctive love jewelry pieces to wear. Charm designs are wide ranging, and some are downright whimsical. Find charms that bring out your romantic side and sporty ones to wear on casual days.

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