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Sterling Silver Jewelry
See the beauty of sterling silver jewelry in all its best forms at Waxing Poetic. Explore our selection of sterling silver charms, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and more.
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Sterling Silver: Beautiful and Strong Just Like You

Known for being exceptionally strong, versatile and endlessly eye-catching, sterling silver has many of the qualities you adore about yourself! Whether you love a rustic, eccentric patina or a high polish that commands attention, there’s a piece of sterling silver jewelry in our selection to speak to you. Waxing Poetic’s expansive sterling silver collection includes hundreds of original, handcrafted masterpieces that serve as works of art you can wear. Most of our jewelry is handmade by artisans in Bali, Indonesia for the best quality.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry

Our sterling silver pieces take many forms, not only in shape but also in color and style. From our array of exceptional sterling silver charms featuring intricate detailing to our striking gold plated sterling silver jewelry, there’s no denying the adaptability of this breathtaking material. Explore our selection of dainty earrings, rings and pendants to add a layer of thoughtful style to your entire look or give the gift of symbolic jewelry to someone you love. We have pieces that honor love, nature, spirituality and more.

At Waxing Poetic, we believe jewelry is about more than just fashion. Whether it be a simple sterling silver chain or a pendant bedazzled with multifaceted jewels, our pieces were made to do more than just look pretty. Each one carries a meaningful message that inspires you everywhere you go, no matter what you want to put out into the world. Daydreamers, lovers, spirit-seekers and joy-spreaders, this special assortment of sterling silver jewelry was made for you, and we hope you find something that honors it.

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