Staff Favorites: Cath

One of the most heart flipping things, ever, is delving into the process of creating my own charm combination… something extra special to carry with me, close to my heart, as I move through my days.  A single charm dangling from a simple chain is lovely.  But a cluster of stunning treasures…that’s even better.

I’m totally digging The Remedy in a Bottle Pendants. The Peace Potion remedy comes in handy on days when I’ve read too much of the news and my brain starts to hurt.  The lovely and delicate contour of the bottle has my fingers playing with it every now and again, bringing an additional dose of peace and calm.   These luminous retired Hand Pendants are like little offerings.  I chose “Life” for that extra vibrancy and, well, aliveness, an especially helpful reminder on days when I haven’t yet had my coffee.  And the Tonic Tags (in “Love”) and Tonic Charms (Heart symbol) are beautifully subtle, yet amazingly impacting love treasures.  All clustered perfectly on a Healing Gems Chain.

I’ll accept all the extra love and peace I can get.


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