Staff Favorites: Danielle

For my necklace, I have chosen to combine simple pieces that when added together provide subtle hints into my personality. I love the 18” Medium Rolo Chain, because it has a classic look that matches with absolutely everything!  The three charms that I often pair with the chain are the Swallow Silhouette Portrait Charm, the Rose Gold Free Form Charm, and a Baby Insignia Charm in the letter “D.” The Swallow Silhouette Portrait Charm represents my free spirited personality.  My friends are always joking that I have my head in the clouds, so what better way to show that than adorning a bird around my neck?  The rose gold color of my Free Form Charm is one of my favorites and I love how simple and elegant this piece looks on my necklace. I am always visually drawn to the whimsical feel of my Baby Insignia Charm and think it adds a timeless look to the combination of pieces.  With this necklace, I have been able to create my own personal story through jewelry and that is exactly what Waxing Poetic is all about!


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