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Kristal Collection
We think sparkle is wonderful, and this group of pendants, rings, earrings and cuffs proves it!
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Kristal Jewelry – Glittering Crystal & Brass Jewelry Earrings, Pendants, Charms, Bangles, Cuffs and Rings

Can glittering jewelry make you happy?

We think so. It certainly can be an uplifting experience to wear any sparkling jewelry piece from our Kristal Collection. Designed with glamour in mind, we bring you the perfect marriage between crystal and metal.

Kristal jewelry is ideal for any occasion when you want to enhance your look with a little or a lot of glam. This is jewelry appeals and attracts in the best way. It’s chic and boho beautiful, which is in keeping with your personal style. Selections include earrings, rings, pendants, charms, bangles, bracelets, chokers and necklaces. We even offer word jewelry styles for motivational enjoyment.

Glittering Swarovski Crystals

Go for the glitter with jewelry that includes Swarovski crystals. Small-sized crystals are often used for jewelry design, and our artisans have certainly done a fantastic job of interpreting their gleam for this collection. When set close together, their combined sparkle catches the light from every angle, increasing their dazzling effect. Crystals in jewelry also help create the aura of chicness that adds easy-going elegance to any outfit. Smaller charms provide a hint of glitter, while large jewelry pieces offer a bold look.

Create a Set

Kristal jewelry can be worn in so many different ways. As individual pieces, each one shines brightly. As a set, their effect is amplified by two or three times. It’s easy to create your own set by selecting any combination of matching pieces. For instance, you can match a pair of dazzling earrings with a ring. Or, choose a cuff and bangle to go with the ring. Alternatively, you may decide to match a necklace or choker with earrings and a bracelet. What combination do you like?

Inspired Necklaces

Kristal necklaces can be created by you with the choice of one or more pendants. Pendants come in different shapes for the ultimate in versatile jewelry wearing. If you prefer ready-made necklaces, take a look at our beautiful, inspired necklace designs.

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