Get On Board. Join Forces with Awesome. Go (a little) Rogue. Shop This Look.

While warmer weather traditionally calls for “soft” (colors, fabrics, textures, etc.), this Spring seems to be a little bolder, a little more raw, and a lot more adventurous. Which we love. And have some suggestions for celebrating this…and thus enacting some rocker/deconstructed prettiness into your overall look.

Mixed metals are huge. Interweaving materials, unexpected textures, and sweet-but-saucy details are huge. Innovation, adventure, and gorgeousness are also huge (both in Spring 2011 and in the Waxing Poetic creative nexus at large), and so we say, to you, what better place to jump on board than with something small but potent? To that end --may we suggest the following – the  Fleur De Lis Wing & A Prayer Ring and the XOX Camp Bracelet.

With the Wing & A Prayer Ring, we’ve pulled symbolic imagery (the Fleur de Lis) from French heraldry, and mixed it up with a hi/low metal duo of rich brass and sterling silver.  For material-mixing fans (beyond just that of metals), we love the Camp Bracelet – youthful, insouciant, and a forever flirt – especially with the XOX brass plate just waiting to sit atop your wrist.

We love mashups, remixes, and reinterpretation of (almost) any kind, so we’re beyond giddy over this style season, and hope its influence will continue in the months ahead (because, face it, mixing things up is almost ALWAYS a good idea, in some sense or another). So join the adventure, and make this look your own by mixing and matching the Waxing Poetic Fleur De Lis Wing & A Prayer Ring with the Waxing Poetic XOX Camp Bracelet.


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