Best Personalized Christmas Gifts for Mom - Make It Special

Personalized Christmas gifts for mom are one of the easiest ways to show your mom how much she means to you. Now, all you need to do is find the best gift ideas that make her happy. Let us help you out by suggesting some of Waxing Poetic’s most meaningful personalized jewelry gifts for mom.

Personalized Initial Gifts

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for moms only or you’re interested in personalized mom and daughter gifts, you can satisfy both of these desires by choosing initial jewelry pieces. Moms of all ages and walks of life who enjoy boho style jewelry can appreciate the following handcrafted jewelry items. Initials make your gift personal in a way that no other piece of jewelry can, and that’s a big plus when she opens up her gift box to see what’s inside.

Custom Articulated Oval Monogram Pendant

Impress your mom with an elegant oval-shaped pendant made of the finest sterling silver. Her initials appear prominently in the center of the oval in shiny brass. Vintage brass accents at the pendant’s top and bottom enhance its classy, good looks.

Nomad Insignia A-Z

For moms who walk their life path with a spirited self-assured confidence, this striking single initial pendant is sure to be a pleasant surprise. A single letter is rendered in striking bold strokes, which is contrasted with slender sterling silver lines.

Heartbond Intertwined Initials Pendant

She’s always showing everyone else how much she loves and cares by giving to others in countless ways. Now, it’s time to give that love back to her in the form of this beautiful sterling silver heart pendant. Her first and last name initials are intriguingly intertwined for a unique custom touch.

Heliotrope Intertwined Initials Pendant

Her smile is as bright as the sun whenever she enters a room, and you want to let her know how much you appreciate her warmth, humor and wisdom. This beautiful sunburst pendant combines a dark sterling silver center with rays of bright brass. Her intertwined initials also gleam in brass and silver.

Write-On Cuff

Do you have a favorite phrase you’d like to put on a piece of jewelry for mom? Choose this cuff bracelet in brass or silver and your desired font style and we’ll add your words, or her name, to make it uniquely special.

Personalized Lifestyle Gifts

Another way to personalize your mom’s Christmas jewelry gift is by choosing jewelry pieces that resonate with her personality or lifestyle. Here are some top choices from our collections.

Bee Brave Pyrite

Bees are beautiful and your mom is going to love receiving this gorgeous Bee Brave pendant for Christmas. Exquisite detailing in sterling silver and brass captures the essence of the bee, and sparkling pyrite adds the finishing touch of sweet richness.

Amor Fati Cross Pendant Necklace

This cross pendant crafted of sterling silver and brass has a wonderful hand-crafted vintage look that gives it timeless appeal. Rows of crystals gleam and sparkle in the light. This is a great choice for a mom who embraces her faith and relies on it for comfort and strength.

Kristal Binary Stars Necklace

Let mom know that she’s a star in your eyes with this bright ensemble necklace. A star charm with the word “you” inscribed on it dangles next to a charm featuring a constellation of Kristal crystals.

Kristal Earrings and Bangle

Her eyes will light up when she sees the glimmering brilliance of this elegant gift set with matching teardrop earrings and Kristal hinge bangle. It’s a stellar choice for a deserving mom.



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