5 ways to incorporate poetry into your everyday life

1. Take note of your surroundings

Notice the way dew collects on the spider webs in your garden and how that looks in the early morning light. The way flowers close at twilight, how birds sing song at any moment but mostly how they sound on Saturday morning and the way your pillows feel when you lay down at night.

2. Breathe

We all work so hard, tend to get in a routine, and take for granted something that is so simple like air. Stop and just take a really, deep, healing breath. Be conscious of your breath and feel the way the air fills your lungs, as you do this, quietly say thank you to yourself for taking those breaths and feel grateful for air, good, fresh, clean air. Feels good, doesn’t it?

3. Write

When feeling something, write it down. These are the moments and feelings you may want to look back on in another stage of your life. It’s very therapeutic to let go of emotions (whatever they may be.) Like bubbles, they need to be able to float away after surfacing and this is a great practice for those of us who hold on to those emotion bubbles.

4. Read

Become more poetic in your life, whether it’s a compilation of actual poetry (here is a great one to try), book on business, or inner-self work, it can spark something within you, motivate, and in turn, make you feel poetic. If you are living, you are poetic. Even if you don’t recognize it in that moment. Quietly speaking a favorite quote or mantra to your self is a great practice as well.

5. Repeat

Do it often, make the time. Make it a purpose and a habit to do these things for your self. You deserve it.


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