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Summer skies and heat set the stage for memories in the making, with friends and family all around. This is when we take time from the blessing of longer days to indulge in the sunshine and sights that take us to a place of feeling free and honoring the gift of loved ones. These breaks in time remind us of the importance to get out from the typical routine, loosen up a bit, and expand our experiences. Trends for summer celebrate fresh themes with mint and rose tones, fruits, and lots of texture symbolizing nature and growth from new beginnings.

More structured shapes and icons like tags and anchors pair well with natural looks to bring a contemporary contrast to natural elements and textures. Geometry, like angled edges in typography and patterns like polka-dots feel seasonal and set a tone to compliment organic styles.

Messaged themes also fit summer trends for a more literal expression of a feeling or place; for instance, a state charm or personalized piece that is a direct reference to a journey.

Notable Styles

    • Tropical Prints; Mint with Hints of Rose:
      Chocolate Gold Ball Bracelet, Pacific Opal or Vintage Rose Lux Vitae Life Charm, In Season Collection.
      Pair with:
      Moon Glow Necklace, Rose Gold Baby Ball Chain, Tag Insignia, The Answer Amazonite Chain.

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