Girls Inc. Externship at Waxing Poetic

Waxing Poetic is company built by and for, women. So, when Girls' Inc. approached us with the idea to work with a young woman in our community, we jumped at the opportunity. Alisa, our extern, was so eager to learn the ins and outs about how WP is operated, and did a fantastic job learning the ropes.

We took her throughout the process of how our products come to life, from design, to purchasing, to sales and marketing and the retail floor. Alisa's favorite department was the inventory and purchasing (she is a Math whiz and loves data). She was able to track an order, which we then gifted to her on her last day (surprise!).

We feel deeply and strongly about encouraging women to be business savvy, nurture their entrepreneurial instincts, and forge a drive within them for success and independence. We are confident that this bright, lovely young lady will go far, and on to do great great things.


Alisa with a few of our crew members

A note from Alisa

My name is Alisa Lemere, I am 15 years old and I am an extern at Waxing Poetic. My 4 weeks at waxing poetic have been an amazing experience. I have learned about all the components that make a successful business function. I got to spend time with the sales team, design team, accountants, customer service team, and many other wonderful people.

My favorite part about my time here was working with the Purchasing Team, Lisa and Ashley. I enjoyed entering in inventory and purchasing the products that are needed. Overall this experience has been amazing and I loved being a part of this awesome company.


Alisa in our warehouse


Alisa with Lisa and Ashley (her favorite department)


Alisa and Joy working in customer service


Alisa and Pernilla working on graphic design


Alisa showing off her new Waxing Poetic necklace


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