Top Graduation Gift Ideas For Class of 2021


The school journey is a long and purposeful one filled with ups and downs, and twists and turns that are so worthwhile. Finally, your loved one has achieved their educational goal and they are ready to graduate. It’s a wonderful time of life for the graduate, and it marks the closing of one chapter and the beginning of a new, exciting chapter. If you’re looking for meaningful gift ideas for graduating seniors, our list of 2021 graduation gift ideas is sure to spark some inspiration.



Graduation Gift Ideas for Her

Whether you’re looking for memorable graduation gift ideas for your daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece or good friend, there’s a Waxing Poetic jewelry piece that is perfect for her personality. Bracelets, charms, pendants and necklaces are all popular gift ideas that she’ll be thrilled to receive.

Bright Silver Ensemble Bracelet. How about gifting her with a bracelet that sparkles as brightly as she does? This is one of our best sellers and it makes great use of fire polished glass. A simple wrist movement is enough to make the multifaceted glass beads shimmer in the light. Paired with a brass chain, it’s a vibrant reminder to let her light shine.

Invitation Bracelet. The receiver of this bracelet is open to all possibilities that come her way. She’s smart, confident and ready to take on the world. This brass and silver-plated chain link bracelet looks great on its own and with expressive charms.

Classic Bangle. The timeless simplicity of the bangle is always a beautiful gift to receive, and she’ll make the most of wearing it with countless outfits and accessories. Choose silver or brass.

Moon Daisy Delicate Chain Bracelet. Our mother of pearl and sterling silver bracelet is delicate, lovely and blooming with sweetness and inner light – just like her.

Chancery Insignia Initial Pendant. This simple boho letter pendant features a single bold brass initial on a silver disc. It identifies her as a strong, spirited woman who is going places.

Nomad Insignia Pendant. Our brass and silver typography pendant is striking to gaze at and fun to wear anywhere. Choose any letter from A to Z.

Cheryl Strayed – The Path Medallion Necklace. Inspired by a bestselling author, this beautiful pendant necklace is a constant reminder to take advantage of opportunities that come her way as she goes through life.


Graduation Gift Ideas for Him

Surprise him with a jewelry gift that lets him know how proud you are of his accomplishments and of his personal growth. These gift ideas are cool, masculine and authentically expressive.

Genesis Band Ring. This minimalistic, motivational sterling silver men’s band ring is engraved with a star and timeless words of wisdom from tennis great Arthur Ashe. “Start where you are. Use what you have.”

Intertwined Initials Ring. Here’s a unique initials ring for a one-of-a-kind guy who is ready to get out there and make his mark on the world. It has rugged good looks and two brass and silver intertwined initials. Choose any two initials for personalization.

Chain Tag Necklace. Give him a gift that signifies his links to his family, his social circle, his past and his future with this impressive men’s pendant necklace. It has a strong look, and it comes in brass with a sterling silver chain or choose all sterling silver.

What Do Bees Symbolize? Exploring Bee Symbolism

What Do Bees Symbolize? Exploring Bee Symbolism

Bees are on many people’s mind these days as we contemplate what their dwindling numbers may mean for the health of our planet. There’s no doubt that bees are essential to the survival of many species, including humans. As bee experts work to solve the bee population crisis, we can all do our part to support “save the bees” efforts by learning more about bee symbol meaning and wearing various styles of bee jewelry.

Bees have been admired and celebrated throughout human history, and over thousands of years, people have come to associated them with meaningful behaviors that everyone can aspire to emulate. Here are some of the most prevalent bee symbolism meanings shared by numerous cultures.


Gaze out at a field of flowers or crops and see the work of hundreds of bees who spread out into their territories searching for the nectar and pollen that sustains their colonies. As they feed on this precious food, they help pollinate fertile ground, spurring more growth of beautiful flowers and crops such as apples, almonds, broccoli and cherries. Some crops are highly dependent on bee pollination for survival, and this is only one reason to support the survival of bee colonies.



Bees produce different varieties of that sweet, thick nectar we call honey. For bees, they create honeycombs and honey as a way to preserve food for use over the cool winter periods. Honey is among the most popular natural sweeteners enjoyed by people around the world, and it’s packed with nutrition too. Honey can be enjoyed in tea, on toast and in a variety of baked goods and other food products.

Strong Work Ethic

The term “worker bee” comes from observing bee activity inside and out of their hives. Bees work hard to ensure the entire colony has food, shelter and protection. Working hard for what you need to live comfortably is a trait that many people admire and emulate.


The only time you see a bee alone is when it is out gathering food or scouting for a new spot to build a hive. They spend most of their time with other bees in their community, making them a good representation for community spirit.

Blind Love

Painters during the Renaissance period would sometimes include bees in their depictions of Cupid, a well-known figure who brings love to those who get stung by his arrow. When these artists showed Cupid being swarmed by stinging bees it symbolized a warning about falling blindly in love with someone without thinking about potentially bad consequences.

Tireless Devotion/Commitment

The queen bee reigns supreme in the bee colony, and she is constantly protected, fed and attended to by a devoted group of bees committed to her safety and well-being. Devotion and commitment are highly valued traits in human relationships as well.

Organized Teamwork

Organized Teamwork

At many workplaces, teamwork is key to achieving goals successfully. Bees demonstrate teamwork naturally. Each bee has a specific function within the hive community, and each team works together to carry out the daily goals of the hive.


Bees are high achievers when it comes to producing honey. The average bee colony can produce a quantity of 60 to 100 pounds of honey per year. For such small insects, this requires constant effort and teamwork. If you want motivation to increase your productivity in any area, look to those busy bees for inspiration.

How to Measure Necklace Length for a Great Look

How to Measure Necklace Length for a Great Look

Necklaces are fun to wear and they come in a wide variety of styles and lengths, making them among the most desired and popular fashion jewelry choices. Because there are so many options, you may be wondering what size necklace works best for you. Measuring necklace length is the easiest way to answer this question. But how do you measure necklace length?

How to Measure Necklace Length

You can measure the length of any necklace by following three simple steps.

Step 1. Take any necklace you want to measure and open its clasp, so that you can lay the necklace onto a flat surface. Pull both ends to get it as straight as you can.

Step 2. To get an accurate measurement extend a tape measure from the necklace clasp to the end connector, ignoring any charm or pendant that may be attached (do not measure these).

Step 3. Jot down the measurement or make a mental note for future necklace buying. If the measurement is a tad longer, but under a full inch, you can round up to the next inch.

Finding Your Best Necklace Length

You can get more enjoyment out of wearing the necklaces you buy when you choose a necklace length that is most flattering for your unique measurements, body and face type.

Measuring Neck Size

Measuring Neck Size

The size of your neck plays a key role in knowing what necklace sizes look best on you. Below are standard neck measurements and suggestions for choosing necklace lengths that work well with those measurements.

Neck measures 13 inches to 14 1/2 inches. A 16-inch choker and an 18-inch necklace are good choices.

Neck measures 15 inches to 16 1/2 inches. The 20-inch necklace is a good go-to size.

Neck measures 17 inches to 18 1/2 inches. Choose the 22-inch size as a standard length.

Necklace Length and Height

Did you know that your height can also help you select necklaces that are going to look awesome on your physique? Simply, use the below guide to see what necklace lengths are proven to be the most flattering for your height.

If you are under 5 feet, necklaces between 16 inches and 20 inches are most flattering.

If you are 5 feet to 5 feet 3 1/2 inches shorter necklaces that are 18 inches on the short side and 20 inches on the long side should be your standard lengths.

If you are somewhere between 5 feet 4 inches and 5 feet 7 inches, you look best in any necklace length.

If you are 5 feet 7 inches or taller, your standard necklace length should be 22 inches or longer for the most flattering look.

Body Type and Necklace Length

Choosing certain necklace lengths can accentuate certain areas or the body and/or flatter your physique. This is an optional thing to consider after following the above suggestions for measurements.

Thin/Slight physique. Shorter and thinner necklace chains flatter your frame.

Curvaceous/Full figure. Consider choosing necklace chains that are thicker and slightly longer.

Additional tips. For those who have a less prominent bust, you can achieve an elegant and flattering look with a longer 22-inch necklace. Alternatively, for those of any physique, if you want to accentuate the bust area, choose 20 to 22-inch lengths that fall just below the collarbone.


How to Put Charms On a Bracelet: A Guide

Charm bracelets are so popular because they are one of the most expressive jewelry pieces you can wear. While there are ready-made bracelets with charms pre-attached, you get more expressive freedom from creating your own, unique charm bracelets. The best way to get started is to select a bracelet style to serve as the jewelry base for dangling charms. After that, you can choose from a wide range of jewelry charms depicting everything from hearts to initials to bees and animals.

Okay, that’s great, you may be thinking but how exactly do you get the charms onto the bracelet? Good question. As it turns out, when it comes to learning how to put charms on a bracelet, there are several methods you can follow, and we’ve included them all, so you can decide what method is best for your charm bracelet creation needs.

Jump Ring Method

If you love wearing jewelry, chances are good that you’ve seen numerous jump rings. These are those round metal connectors that have an opening at one end to make it possible to connect the two ends of a jewelry piece together. Jump rings are readily available for purchase and come in sets. Although, you can technically open a jump ring with your fingers, this is a tedious task, and you may injure yourself. Instead, we advise buying one or two pairs of inexpensive jewelry pliers, which make opening any connector a breeze.

Use the plier tool to hold one end of the jump ring securely. With the second pair of pliers, you can grab the other end of the ring and gently twist the ring apart. Slip your charm onto the ring, and then slip the ring onto a bracelet link. Use the pliers to close the ring completely. Choose this method if you wish to permanently put charms onto your bracelet.

Split Ring Method

This type of connector ring has two openings and there’s no need for pliers. When ready, simply open one side of the ring with your finger and slide the charm ring onto the open end. The ring snaps back into place once you let go. Repeat the above steps to secure the split ring to a link on your bracelet.

Lobster Clasp Method

The lobster clasp is familiar to anyone who wears necklace chains with this type of closure. It’s a favorite of jewelry makers and jewelry wearers because it’s so easy to open and close. Because of its ease of use it makes a great charm connector. There are some charms that already include this clasp. If the ones you own don’t have it, you can buy a supply of lobster clasps and use jewelry pliers to pry open a jump ring or use a split ring connector.

Slide the lobster clasp onto the jump or split ring, and then slide the charm ring onto the jump/split ring and close it. Once the charm is secured to the lobster clasp, you can easily open the clasp and connect it to one of the bracelet’s links. Repeat this for all charms. When choosing a lobster clasp size, make sure it’s large enough to get a good, secure grip on the bracelet link.

Charm Clips Method

You can save time and effort by using charm clips to connect a charm and bracelet together. They function similarly to a lobster clasp. Made of heavy-duty metal, they come in brass or silver and no tools are required.

Designer's Picks: The Voyage of Life

Anyone else in need of some guidance, or, say, an angel lately?
We each travel our own journey in life.  But there is also the collective journey that we travel together, made ever-so-much-clearer but the pandemic.  We move through stages, and as we hit the currents and rocks, we look beyond ourselves, to the light.  We look for our higher selves. We look for our angels.

In the words Amanda Gorman wrote and performed so eloquently at the inauguration, “There is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it.” Our new Voyage of Life angel, inward or otherwise, wherever and however, was created to remind us of just that.
Inspired by Thomas Cole’s “A Voyage of Life” series which depicts a voyager traveling by boat through the wilderness — an allegory of the seasons of life — this is the angel that gives us direction.
Thomas Cole, Old Age

“I haven’t designed many angel talismans in the past – the right angel just never came. But this one stopped me in my tracks when I saw a photo of her on a friend’s Instagram last Fall.  I love the paintings of the Hudson River School and Thomas Cole yet had forgotten this series.  It felt right for the moment, so I got to work and based a few pieces on her. I think she is stunning. Sometimes you just have to wait.”
Angel Pendant
In final painting in the series, the angel escorts the voyager across the waters of eternity, to heaven - an allegory for our own path to the beautiful world we know is possible here.

Look for the light, and trust your guide - now and always.

Top Necklace Styles in 2021

It’s 2021 and you deserve to treat yourself to a new necklace or may two or three new necklaces. As you prepare to add to your collection of quality boho jewelry created with artistic flair, take a moment to browse this list of best necklace styles for women in 2021. Each necklace has its own special vibe and represents current trends in necklace design and craftsmanship.

Boho Soul Pearl

There’s something timeless about wearing a string of pearls around the neck, and that’s proven by the everlasting popularity of the pearl necklace. This particular design is an updated version of a classic, spacing freshwater pearls on an 18-inch chain. There’s a place at the bottom to add a favorite pendant if the mood arises.

Ensemble Bright Silver

Have you ever been undecided about what necklace to put on for a frolicking good time at a party or fun social event? This gleaming necklace with its collection of precision-cut silvery glass beads may just become your party time go-to necklace. Light dances off of each bead with every move and it looks fabulous on an 18-inch chain. Attach a cool pendant or charm to the easy-open clasp at the bottom.

Peace in Unity Medallion

One of the most powerful words ever spoken or written is beautifully engraved onto an oval pendant made of shiny brass. Its simple message needs no explanation and resonates with all who view it as it dangles around your neck on a brass chain. Wear it when you want to spread a little bit of peace and sunshine out into the world.

Amor Fati Rosary

Express your faith by wearing a delicate Amor Fati cross embedded with sparkling crystals on a Y-necklace chain in the style of an Italian rosary. The unique cross has an antique look that is heirloom quality. Balinese pearls, gold beads and a larger crystal combine to create a stunningly beautiful necklace.

Bee Brave Pyrite Lume

Support the survival of bees by wearing this gorgeous bee necklace that is both a decorative piece and a reminder to save the bees to help save our planet. The beautifully crafted bee pendant has a gleaming pyrite body and silver wings of extraordinary detail. The silver chain features beads and sculpted metal. This necklace has powerful eco-friendly meaning, and it includes a universal message of empowerment.

Guided By Heart

In life, there are always decisions to be made, and those decisions may be large or small, minor or life changing. During times when you are faced with making decisions of consequence, reach for this strikingly unique heart-shaped pendant necklace. On front, the sterling silver pendant features a dazzling array of Kristal crystals, which gleam from various angles. On back, you can see the words, “Guided by.” The simple message encourages you to always follow your heart as you encounter one decision after another.

Good Verbs Becoming

Are you at a point in your life where you feel you are evolving? Expressing this feeling of discovery, growth and rising fortunes is easier when you wear this beautiful gold-plated sterling silver necklace. At the end of a golden chain sits a golden butterfly with a Kristal crystal abdomen that sparkles in the light. It’s a bright piece to wear on days when you’re feeling especially good about being you.

Evolution Y Opal

If you’re looking for a versatile boho style necklace with natural stones, this is a great choice. It’s y-necklace design is populated with opal and accented with brass discs. It looks good with countless outfits and you can enhance it with charms and pendants.

How to measure rings size at home

Isn’t it funny that you never think about the size of your fingers until you start shopping for unique rings to wear, and that’s when it hits you – you don’t know/remember what size ring you wear. In the past, you may have bought rings in person while having the advantage of trying on various size rings to find ones that fit one or more fingers. But that’s not an option at the moment. Now, you’re wondering if there is anyway you can find out by measuring ring size at home.

Well, yes, there is a way, and we can show you how to measure ring size at home. In fact, we can show you several ways to do this measuring and you can pick the method that’s easiest for you.

Paper Sizer Method

Find a free paper ring sizer that you can print out on a home printer. Carefully cut out the sizer with scissors, and also cut a small slit at the end where indicated. You’ll notice the paper sizer has numbers representing ring sizes printed on it. Wrap the sizer around your finger (not too tightly) and pull the pointed end through the slit to make it fit like a ring. The arrow should point to your ring size.

String and Ruler Method

Grab a ball of string, a pair of scissors and a millimeter ruler. Cut a length of string that’s long enough to go around your finger, and then some. Wrap the string around your finger just underneath the knuckle and use a pen or marker to mark the end of finger space point. Align the string with the ruler markings and check a ring size chart to find your finger size.


Ring and Ruler Method

If you intend to buy the same size of ring that is similar to one you already have at home, you can use that ring to get an accurate measurement. For this method you need the ring and a millimeter ruler. Lay the ruler on a flat surface. Place the ring halfway over the ruler at a point where you can easily see ruler markings within the ring’s circle. Measure the diameter of the ring (inside area) and jot down the millimeter measurement and use the ring chart to pinpoint size. For example, a ring that is 17.3 mm is going to correspond to a size 7 ring.

Ring Sizing Tool Method

If you are not in a hurry, you can acquire a jewelry makers ring sizing kit that makes measuring fingers simple. These sets are inexpensive, and they can be useful for measuring fingers of all sizes and shapes. The kit includes a mandrel and ring sizer set.

Mandrel. This is an elongated cone-shaped tool made of durable metal. It has ring size measurements on its face, and there are usually U.S. ring sizes and millimeter numbers for comparison.

Ring sizer set. Metal rings in sizes petite to extra-large hang from a wire holder for safe keeping. Try on various rings until you find one that fits your finger. Slip this ring over the top of the mandrel and slide it down until it reaches its ring size measurement. That is your ring size.

Should You Go Up a Size?

Sometimes, you may find that a ring you want to buy doesn’t come in your exact size. This happens when rings are in whole sizes only. If you wear a half size, you should go up a size and add a ring size adjuster for a better fit.

Why are elephants good luck charms?

Those lovable large mammals we like to call elephants are one of the world’s most beloved animals. These gentle giants have been walking the earth in one form or another for millions of years, which makes it upsetting to think about their dwindling numbers due to habitat loss and poaching. Up until the past few decades, humans and elephants have co-existed amicably, for the most part. It’s a testament to their magnificence that throughout the ages, people have been fascinated by elephants, and many silently wonder – are elephants a symbol of good luck?

The answer is yes. For many, collecting jewelry and other items featuring elephants, do mean that those items come with the possibility of experiencing good luck. While there is no absolute proof that elephant objects bring luck, you can certainly enjoy beautiful objects crafted in the shape of elephants. If you love elephants and lucky charms, you can always combine the two by wearing elephant charms on a bracelet or necklace.

Meanwhile, have fun learning about the various ways people wish for good luck by owning elephant items along with their meaning.


They Bring Good Fortune

Elephants often represent good fortune. The reason why is lost to time, but any elephant image can be used to signify the coming of good things in a person’s life. Additionally, giving someone a gift of an elephant object can be a way of wishing them good luck. However, for good fortune to arrive, you must select elephant items that depict the elephant with its tusk raised in an upward position. Many makers of elephant jewelry, statues, etc. know this, which is why raised tusks are commonly shown.

They Attract Abundance

Elephants are associated with abundance, which is related to overall good fortune. Some cultures depict elephants with rain clouds, and this is a direct reference to them being connected to the bountiful harvests produced by farming communities.

They Provide Protection

In ancient times, some cultures enlisted elephants in the war effort. This was done by starting their training early, while they were still babies, and continuing their training throughout their growth. Men would ride elephants into battle, and you can find illustrations and paintings depicting elephants in various battle scenes.

Fortunately, they are no longer needed for this tough work. But this is where the idea of elephants being strong protectors originally came from.

They Represent Strength

You can just look at a fully grown elephant and know right away that this is one strong animal. They tower above us and they have an impressive girth, weighing anywhere from 4,000 to 14,000 pounds. They can use their mighty heft to knock over fences and lift or pull heavy objects that the average person needs a machine to move. And yet, they are for the most part, gentle creatures who won’t bother you, unless you pose a threat to their safety.

Elephants Create Close Bonds

Elephants symbolize family and friendship through close bonds. Most elephants live and travel within small to large packs that include individuals, youth and babies. They form deep relationships with each other, just like humans, making elephant jewelry a great gift for someone you love.

Elephants Symbolize Wisdom

Elephants are smart, and their millions of years of survival bares this out. It’s a joy to watch elephants appreciate a man playing beautiful piano music for them or watching them use their trunk to paint whatever inspires them to express their artistic talent.

Best Charm Bracelet Styles in 2021

More than any other type of bracelet, charm bracelets are widely known as a jewelry piece that allows you to self-express in a fun and meaningful way. This is probably why the charm bracelet is always in style and never gets boring to wear. In fact, they just keep evolving and getting better as new styles come along. We’re now in a new year and it’s time to reveal our list of the best charm bracelets for 2021. If you love boho style bracelets and charms, the following styles are ones to take note of because they can give your current jewelry collection a boost of beautiful vibrancy.

Elongated Links

Elongated shapes for jewelry chains are growing in popularity and they offer a refreshing change from the standard shorter length chain links that continue to be a favorite for many. And you can still wear those classic link bracelets. However, elongated links are proving to be a top favorite and bestseller for 2021, and we expect this trend to continue beyond this year, which is why it easily ranks number one on our list of best charm bracelets.

Hematite Beads

Hematite is one of nature’s most enduring minerals and this iron oxide is often found near bubbling mineral springs. It has a beautiful, rich dark grey or black color and when turned into stones or beads, it emits a strong calming energy that can help one concentrate or feel more grounded. Nature and celestial charm themes look fabulous with bracelets featuring beads of hematite.

Brass & Sterling Silver Links

Combining two different types of metal together in one bracelet can elevate both metals, and that’s the case with brass and sterling silver link bracelets. Both offer lots of shine and their color contrast works like a charm (pun intended). Brass captures the eye with its golden hue and silver gleams with mirror brightness. We like the way small brass links look with silver connectors and silver links as an accent. Jewelry designers can also do any number of fun designs with this pairing.

Glittery Beads

Can charm bracelets be fun and glittery? Yes, they can! Look for chain bracelets with faceted cut glass beads that glitter in the light like miniature disco balls. This style can be worn on a night out or during the day, just for fun.

Chunky Links

Go big and bold with charm bracelets that are crafted of chunky oval links. It’s the perfect style for someone who is outgoing or who enjoys bolder jewelry pieces.

Rope Links

The rope link bracelet puts a fun twist on the charm bracelet by intertwining rope-like metal links together. This creates a glamorous rustic/nautical jewelry piece that you can do a lot with when choosing charms.

Brass Bangle

The bangle bracelet is a timeless favorite for many who love wearing it just as it is or as a charm bracelet. A beautiful bangle made of quality brass is simple and elegant. It looks great with a single charm or several, and its versatile circular design can be worn with jeans or a party dress.

Choosing Charms

After selecting your favorite bracelet styles, it’s time to start looking at the latest charms for your bracelet. First, you may want to pick up some brass or silver charm clips to make attachment easy. Next, you can browse a collection of jewelry charms and see what charms offer the most personal meaning to you. Charms can help you express your likes, loves and passions.



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