Top Jewelry Styles for Summer

The summer of 2021 is sure to be a summer unlike any other you’ve experienced. While exploring all of your summertime possibilities, you can also explore some of the biggest jewelry trends for this summer. We’ve identified seven of the best jewelry trends for the summer of 2021.

Precious Pearls

Pearls are one of the hottest jewelry trends right now, and that may have something to do with a certain powerful VP making them a part of her signature look. But don’t think that your only options are wearing a traditional string of pearls. This new trend allows for lots of creative jewelry design with pearls being a central focus. The re-imagined pearl necklace can be a sprinkling of daisies on a brass chain, or a cluster of white luminescence tucked inside of a faux oyster shell. They can also be a way to express your feelings of faith. You don’t have to conform to a specific look to enjoy pearls, so feel free to choose more creative styles.

Bee Jewelry

Bees are essential to the health of our planet and preserving bees and bee habitats is a worthy cause to support. You can share your love of bees and spread awareness by wearing bee jewelry. These are jewelry pieces that feature the bee (or bee life) in a prominent way. Love pearls? Wear a gorgeous Bee Brave Honeypearl charm with any length or style of chain and feel great! Other summer bees’ jewelry ideas include honeycomb earrings and cuffs and Bee Saved elephant charms and pendants.

Spherical Shapes

Round and round and round we go, where it stops…well, there’s no stopping the trend of wearing spherical shapes. Round jewelry pieces are having their moment and you can easily jump in on this trend with any piece that has a round shape. You can go with a 3D sphere shape like the gem in this birthstone charm. Or how about this captivating Ensemble bracelet with silver faceted cut mirror spheres?

Or you can stick with a flat spherical shape and choose a piece like this bright, uplifting Moon Daisy White Pearl pendant or the sparkling enlightenment of this Inner Compass pendant.

Single Statement Earring

The single earring trend has gone big, and by big we mean the choice of earring size. For those who love cutting edge fashion looks, here’s an opportunity to make a big statement by wearing one fabulous, dangling earring on your left or right ear. Happily, there are lots of enigmatic earring designs that allow you to self-express your personality with as much flash or glam as you desire.

Big and Bold Chains

Sticking with the bigger is better trend, chunkier chains are in and you can find this look represented in necklaces and bracelets. The Myth of Separation necklace and bracelet and the ultra-cool Peace In Unity bracelet are great examples of how to elegantly pull off this look.

Bangles and Cuffs

Do you already love bangles and cuff bracelets? Well, here’s your chance to go all in with both and indulge in getting new bangles featuring uplifting symbols such as a beautiful butterfly or blossoming bloom. Enjoy two trends in one with a cuff bracelet engraved with motivational words.

Textured Metal

Metal jewelry that looks a bit rough or banged up is really a good thing, which is why it’s a part of this summer’s hottest trends. Textures vary from mild rumpling to full out crumpling and those imperfections are what makes these pieces look so cool.


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