What Do Bees Symbolize? Exploring Bee Symbolism

What Do Bees Symbolize? Exploring Bee Symbolism

Bees are on many people’s mind these days as we contemplate what their dwindling numbers may mean for the health of our planet. There’s no doubt that bees are essential to the survival of many species, including humans. As bee experts work to solve the bee population crisis, we can all do our part to support “save the bees” efforts by learning more about bee symbol meaning and wearing various styles of bee jewelry.

Bees have been admired and celebrated throughout human history, and over thousands of years, people have come to associated them with meaningful behaviors that everyone can aspire to emulate. Here are some of the most prevalent bee symbolism meanings shared by numerous cultures.


Gaze out at a field of flowers or crops and see the work of hundreds of bees who spread out into their territories searching for the nectar and pollen that sustains their colonies. As they feed on this precious food, they help pollinate fertile ground, spurring more growth of beautiful flowers and crops such as apples, almonds, broccoli and cherries. Some crops are highly dependent on bee pollination for survival, and this is only one reason to support the survival of bee colonies.



Bees produce different varieties of that sweet, thick nectar we call honey. For bees, they create honeycombs and honey as a way to preserve food for use over the cool winter periods. Honey is among the most popular natural sweeteners enjoyed by people around the world, and it’s packed with nutrition too. Honey can be enjoyed in tea, on toast and in a variety of baked goods and other food products.

Strong Work Ethic

The term “worker bee” comes from observing bee activity inside and out of their hives. Bees work hard to ensure the entire colony has food, shelter and protection. Working hard for what you need to live comfortably is a trait that many people admire and emulate.


The only time you see a bee alone is when it is out gathering food or scouting for a new spot to build a hive. They spend most of their time with other bees in their community, making them a good representation for community spirit.

Blind Love

Painters during the Renaissance period would sometimes include bees in their depictions of Cupid, a well-known figure who brings love to those who get stung by his arrow. When these artists showed Cupid being swarmed by stinging bees it symbolized a warning about falling blindly in love with someone without thinking about potentially bad consequences.

Tireless Devotion/Commitment

The queen bee reigns supreme in the bee colony, and she is constantly protected, fed and attended to by a devoted group of bees committed to her safety and well-being. Devotion and commitment are highly valued traits in human relationships as well.

Organized Teamwork

Organized Teamwork

At many workplaces, teamwork is key to achieving goals successfully. Bees demonstrate teamwork naturally. Each bee has a specific function within the hive community, and each team works together to carry out the daily goals of the hive.


Bees are high achievers when it comes to producing honey. The average bee colony can produce a quantity of 60 to 100 pounds of honey per year. For such small insects, this requires constant effort and teamwork. If you want motivation to increase your productivity in any area, look to those busy bees for inspiration.


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