New Collections Coming Soon!


We are so excited to introduce our  New Product Release to you – our vision of A More Beautiful World.  

With this new collection, you will see our styles bravely evolving as we do, welcoming the invitation to embrace the gifts of life that, as we seek with our true hearts, become revealed. These new pieces celebrate us,  greeting the here and now with our own light, and revering the same in each other. 

Some (not all!) Collection Highlights to share:

All Things in Love Collection

A modern talisman for our heart-centered sense of the world, captured in a quietly powerful medallion is a gift and comforting meditation on how we are all connected through Love.


The World Signature Kristal Medallion

Our signature 2022 Kristal medallion of the season features the words of poet Patti Smith: the earth is what we’re given, the world is what we make it– a message and reminder we feel everyone could use now.


Momento Charm Collection

Our newest go-to charm collection is a new interpretation of some of our best-selling icons into the sweetest gifts, in a timeless tag shape with a message on the back that speaks to some pivotal places where we put our attention, and our love. 


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