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The Holidays are, well- they’re HERE!! But if you are still stumped on what to get for a loved one, we have a few ideas!

The Adventurer;

for your world traveling, adventure seeking recipient we love the idea of gifting them with a protective talisman, something to guard them on their journey and remind them of home. For an adventurer, we love; the Good Book Page charms, Axiom band bracelets andWing and a Prayer charms.

The Giver; you know the givers. Always looking out for everyone else, putting the rest of the world before themselves. It’s hard to give to a giver, but if the charm fits- a giver will love it! For a Giver, we love; Renewable Love pendant, Your Heart is Your Map Medallion and the Eternal Anthem collection.

The Romantic; a romantic could be a lover (wife, girlfriend, fiancé) or it could be someone else you are close too who looks at the world through rose colored glasses and is just all about love! For the Romantics, we love; Circle of Love Pendant, Waxy Wonder Double Heart charm, Evertied Charm and the Love Tag charm.

The Devout; Faith is one thing that people keep as close as their family. It’s a foundation that so many relationships are built upon. Whether it be a reminder to have faith or a proclamation that faith and miracles do exist. For the Devout, we love; The Everlasting Collection, Transformative Faith/Love pendant, Freedom Cross collection and the Good Book Page charms.

The Warrior; Some say survivor, we say Warrior. Because sometimes, just saying you survived, doesn’t do it justice. There was a battle. And it was WON. That fight should be celebrated and all Warriors need armor. For the Warrior, we love; BEE Brave pendant and charm, Heroic Insignia, Much Love pendant or charm, Biographies “story of survival” charm, Providence Medallions and Vital Spark Charms.


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