Bee Brave Charms and Pendants

Paying homage to the honey bee, an iconic symbol of bravery, abundance, persistence, teamwork and healing. With twisted sterling silver wire wings, the Bee Brave Charm and Pendant bee bodies come in brass with either stone or resin.
We’re Abuzz With Thanks for Honeybees (today and always). Support your local beekeepers and beekeeping associations!
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In animal symbolism, the honey bee represents bravery, focus, productivity, power and community. For ancient Druids, the bee symbolized the sun, the sacred Goddess, celebration and community. Christian monks often lived in huts shaped like beehives, perhaps representing the idea of a community that lived in perfect harmony. If you think about how they live and work, bees are all about family, nurturing and working together, which is why we think our bee symbols are so special! To honor the bee, we offer our special collection of Bee Brave honey bee charms and pendants.

Bee Charms — Sterling Silver and Brass Masterpieces

Our “Bee Brave” charms are beautiful works of art from our skilled artists. There’s a bee charm crafted from sterling silver, brass and a fresh water honey pearl, and a mysterious beauty with silver, brass and a dark pearl.

Bee Brave Pendants and Necklaces

We offer bee pendants in aqua, black or pyrite, as well as a black onyx chain that features a bee pendant in addition to the “awaken” flower. Bee Brave necklaces are also available with a baby ball chain or a chain with gold colored beads. Choose the one that speaks to your heart! They will remind you to be focused and dedicated, and to be true to yourself while you strengthen the others “in your hive.”

Honeycomb Pendants, Cuffs, Rings and Earrings

Are you the queen bee of your hive? Our gorgeous ‘honey love’ rings, earrings, cuffs and pendants remind you to work hard and dream big. On days when you start to lose steam, these stunning honeycombs, expertly crafted from brass, sterling silver and strategically placed Swarovski crystals, will remind you to persevere to achieve your goals. The bees work hard to build their honeycombs, and in them they begin new life and store their honey and pollen. It is therefore a fitting metaphor for hard work and dedication!

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