Let’s Hold Hands

Two years ago when we were designing the 2009 collection, many of us needed a little extra Faith to hold on to. With a passion for sacred objects, Patti felt compelled to create a charm that held similar meaning to Milagros, which are folk charms believed to have healing properties. The Waxing Poetic version would need to be something traditional that fit the line. Also fit was the concept of a charm for Best Friends—something to be shared. Inspired by one of my favorite pieces of vintage costume jewelry, we made our own version of the classic Victorian hand, with inscribed palms open to give and receive. Healing Hands are tiny reminders we can grasp when Life brings us moments that require a little extra something in our Heart to know we are not alone.



- September 18, 2010

We have a special place in our hearts for these little hands. They truly grow more magical with time…

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