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We absolutely love when customers tell us about their favorite combination of Waxing Poetic jewelry explaining in detail what each charm means, who they represent, and how they've added to it over the years, etc.  It's one of the best parts for us...the stories, the memory, the love.  We have a hunch that you too will also enjoy these stories of inspiration and style.  So to encourage sharing within our Waxing Poetic family, we're asking you to tell us about your favorite combination and one lucky Waxing Poetic wearer will win a brand-new combination pictured above!

Here's how it works:

1.  Visit our Facebook page and click Like
2.  Upload a photo of your favorite combination of Waxing Poetic jewelry to our Facebook Wall.  Tag yourself in the photo and in the photo caption area tell us why you chose your unique collection of charms and how it tells a story that is meaningful to you.
3.  From the photos uploaded, we'll randomly select a winner who will receive a new combination pictured above (Flat Cable Chain Necklace with a Square Insignia Charm & Pastimes Charm--both charms in your choice of style)!
4.  To be entered to win post your photos by noon on Friday, September 24th.  The winner will then be selected and announced on Facebook at 1 pm on Friday, September 24th.

--Each photo posted to Waxing Poetic's Facebook Wall between 9 am on Monday, September 20th and noon on Friday, September 24th will count as one entry.
--You may post more than one photo, but each photo must be of a unique combination of Waxing Poetic jewelry.
--Remember to tag yourself in the photo and tell us which pieces you're wearing and what it means to you in the caption.

We can't wait to hear your stories!  Everything good is better shared.

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