Staff Favorites: Breanna

My favorite necklace combination from Waxing Poetic is the Cross Friendship Seal Pendant and Wing & Prayer Buddha Charm paired with the Twisted Link Brass Chain.  I love this particular chain because it brings out the detailed handwork on the charms, while adding distinct character to the overall look of the necklace. I prefer to wear both pieces of the Cross Friendship Seal Pendant together, since they fall hand in hand and look very unique next to one another. The versatility of this piece amazes me.  It can be viewed as either a cross or a clover, although I personally see it as a four leaf clover and feel good luck following me every day that I have it on.  I have also recently added the Wing & Prayer Buddha Charm to my collection. The term Buddha means “Awakened” and I feel that each day that I am alive, I am opening myself up to a new risk or a new adventure.

I am a spiritual and semi-superstitious person and believe that a person can have one specific token in life that will provide a feeling of comfort and positive energy. This necklace is my life token.  When wearing the Cross Friendship Seal Pendant and Wing & Prayer Buddha Charm, I feel positive energy surrounding me!


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