Cheers to 2011

To cap off the end of the year, all of our hard work is introduced in the gift market where buyers from all over the country visit showrooms to get a first look at brand new product. This is where they can get their hands on our print catalog and stock Waxing Poetic in their retail stores.

This year I visited Tango, the showroom where we are represented in Atlanta. Tango owner Vicky Muetterties has a great eye, plus she and the reps visited our flagship in Los Olivos this past October (during our catalog photo shoot nonetheless!) so Waxing Poetic’s space in the showroom emanates a lot of love. I went ahead of time to help fluff the space in preparation for everyone who made it out to the show despite record icy conditions. We have new pendants and insignias that will be available soon and there is lots of excitement around the launch of our new candle line! Meeting shop owners and buyers who love the line and wear it and live it, just the way we do, was the highlight of the show. Hearing about how much Waxing Poetic is appreciated inspires us to create more and constantly achieve better designs that enable us to each share our story.


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