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The Making of Fresco-cards

After seeing how well the new flagship store’s Frescoupage panels made for a backdrop to the jewelry, we were eager to try more things with the same imagery. In homage to books and words and poetry and ephemera, of course stationery was necessary.  Plus now visitors can walk away with a piece of the boutique! I thought this assignment of creating fresco-cards was pretty cut and paste compared to wall sized interior panels but manipulating the fresco images into themes of gratitude, new beginnings, and celebrations was a challenge. Going to her roots, Patti inspired classic Italian messages; GRAZIE, BAMBINO, BUONA NATALE, AMORE, and BUONA VITA. Check out the finished cards to see how they turned out…

Wearing White & Waxing Poetic

Wearing White & Waxing PoeticThe June issue of Cosmopolitan features cool styles for this summer heat in "8 Essential Summer Whites."  This classic and sophisticated look lets your sun-kissed skin take center stage in a flowing cocktail dress by Donna Karan and silver Mother of Pearl Bracelet by Waxing Poetic.

True North

Why settle for a conventional dream?  Pick your unique theme and set the course…and stay on target.  The Your Heart is Your Map Pendants introduced in the 2010 line hold navigational messages to wear close to your heart or in a pocket as a symbol of life’s journeys. Patti [Patti Pagliei, Waxing Poetic’s CEO and Creative Director] and I started with an entire session spent just pairing words that evoke paths and directions and markers along the way.  We referenced antique coin jewelry and engraved silver.  The coin pendants feature a rotating bale to reveal the special message on back.  These honorable medallions can be passed along or held tight to remind us where we’ve been and to keep moving: Your Heart is Your Map.

Who's Your Muse?

Jerry Hall should be pretty comfortable in the role of muse.  Even though she had a very successful modeling career that spanned decades and was featured as a cover girl on more than forty magazines, she is most well-known for her long-time relationship with rock and roll icon, Mick Jagger.  She has had (at least) two songs written about her, “Miss You” by ex-husband Mick Jagger for the Rolling Stones and “Kiss and Tell” by one-time fiancé Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music.   She also appeared as mermaid on the cover of the Roxy Music’s album Siren.So it should come as no surprise that InStyle chose Jerry Hall as their inspiration for this month’s your Look feature. InStyle resurrects this 80s Jerry Hall look with contemporary pieces and finishes it off with a Waxing Poetic Square Insignia Ring.  It’s enough to make a grown man cry…

Oh, for the lovelies…Bridesmaid Gifts

For your sisterhood…your best friend forever, your nearest and dearest, your twin sister, your polar opposite sister, your soon to be sister-in-law, and for that random bridesmaid who you were persuaded into adding to your bridal party (hey, it happens.).  For your sisterhood in its many forms, here are some pretty special gifts to say, thank you for their love and support…and for that bachelorette party that got a little out of control.

For a glowing surprise, add a Baby Insignia Charm inside a Miniature Round Insignia Trinket Box, with an individualized initial for each bridesmaid. It’s perfect for keepsakes. Personalize the box with an initial or choose from this fleur de lis, a peace sign, or a croix.The Freeform Pearl Bracelet is a classy mix of traditional and modern…a thoughtful choice for the ladies who can pull off that certain charm.  This graceful bracelet also makes a perfect accessory for your bridesmaids on your wedding day, so you could give them as your gifts and ask that they wear them on the wedding day.Here’s a lovely way to combine all their charms in one storied cluster of sweetness.  The Banner Charm Holder (in brass or sterling silver) opens to allow charms to dangle lovingly and securely, to keep their treasures safe and near to their hearts.These Fragments Bangles will be poetry for their wrists…gentle reminders of love adorning with just the right words on golden brass or sterling silver. For more ideas, or to just splurge on your right-hand, go-to gals, visit our Wedding Gift Guide.

Anja Sails Away

Stunning cover girl Anja Rubik sets sail in the June 2010 issue of Korean Vogue. Accessorized in Waxing Poetic sterling silver, Anja breezily amps up these classics for summer, as envisioned by stylist Ye Young Kim.

Pictured: Square Insignias 5 Chain Bracelet & Rivet RingPictured: Round Charm Bracelet Pictured: Round Charm BraceletPictured: Storybook charms on Twisted Link Chain, Round Charm Bracelet, & Rivet Ring Pictured: Antique Brass Insignia on Baby Ball Gold Chain Necklace Rivet RingPictured: Round Charm Bracelet & Rivet RingPictured: Round Charm Bracelet

Tell Your Story

Letters, words, fragments and pages assemble over time. Except you don’t have to wait for the universe to align the different pieces. When combining favorite charms there is always meaning behind my choices, besides fashion. Sometimes I wear a secret joke or commentary, but usually my combos are a wish to put out and a reminder to myself to keep moving forward always. Everyone has stories, sometimes just one page to mark an occasion or a starting ground for a new Once upon a time…

Staff Favorites: Kya

I’m currently in love with the silver twisted link with brass rings chain. I love the elegant and feminine feel to the chain. It has the simple yet girlie look that fits my particular style.  I also like the contrast of the brass and silver links that makes the whole necklace pop when I wear it.  I typically wear my chain with the medium poetic cross, December birth ornament charm, and a silver crest insignia in the letter C.  In true Waxing Poetic style, this particular combo tells a story that I hold close to my heart.

But I also like to combine what I like to think of as our more feminine or pretty pieces with this chain, like the Storybook, Mother of Pearl and—another one of my absolute favorites—Realize True Riches charms!

Constantly working with customers and helping them create their own stories behind their necklaces, makes it really hard to not fall in love with every piece. I personally like to work first from the chain. I think each chain has its own style, for whatever I feel like for the day.  When I’m feeling “girlie” I go for my twisted link chain and when I feel a little “edgy” I grab my long baby ball or large rolo chain.  That’s what I love about Waxing—there is something for every style, story, and memory.

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