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The first piece of Waxing Poetic Jewelry that I purchased was the Love Spirit Stamp Pendant. It is such a simple design that has so much meaning.  Everyone has a story and everyone has beliefs.  Both of which, for me, come down to one word: Love.  This charm exemplifies who I am, where I’ve been, and where I want to go. On a silver 24” Long Rolo Chain, alongside my Spirit Stamp Pendant, hangs a silver Mother of Pearl letter “D” charm.  I love this particular chain, because it’s so unique, and the length is absolutely perfect and I absolutely adore the Mother of Pearl Monogram charm.  It is a reminder to me that beauty can be discovered in the most unexpected of places.



Nancy D'a

- July 20, 2020

Love the charms…but your photo does not look at all like you are wearing a 24!

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