A Wonderous Place to Wander for Treasures

J. Woeste, our favorite place for wandering, is right across the street from our boutique and offices in Los Olivos. This unique gift and garden shop offers treasures for the home and garden that we just love and know you will too! Jefferson, the owner and purveyor of the most charming succulent arrangements, is a good friend to all of us here at Waxing Poetic and has a keen eye for the most marvelous things.  The cooing of doves and a coop of chickens is part of the whole experience here (we’re in the country after all!), as is the well placed statuary and seasonal displays.  Each new season, many of us find ourselves across the street, buying this-and-that to feather our nests.

A friend of ours recently gifted the over sized garden chimes (that ring the deepest, most resonant tones) to a newly married couple, which we just love.  There are so many unique things at J. Woeste!  And the shop is green in more ways than the plants . . . cardboard boxes and newspaper are re-purposed into the most humbly-chic gift packaging.  Simple and stunning.   We always send our guests over to Jefferson’s place and know he will have the perfect treasure to mark their visits!


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