Spooky Soiree Under the Waxing Moon

Our recent Halloween party at our flagship boutique in Los Olivos was a huge success. Thank you to everyone from our Waxing Poetic family who was able to attend and share in this fun event with us!

Our boutique was eerily decorated for the freaky festivities with cobwebs, black pumpkins and even a graveyard.

To celebrate the Harvest Season, we encouraged all our guests to complete a “Harvest Map” to assess what they have accomplished last year and to identify which new “seeds” they want to sow in the year to come! We drank some hair-raising cocktails and enjoyed some tasty treats . . . We also had an “aura” photographer interpret our guests' auric colors to offer insight on their "true colors" and how those colors reveal unique personality traits. Thank you to everyone who attended and Happy Halloween!

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