Featured Retailer: Zinnia from Mount Pleasant, SC

Each of our retailers possesses distinctive individual charm, spreading the personal touch of Waxing Poetic in their local communities every day. As a token of our gratitude to our retailers and because we think you’ll love them as much as we do, we’re delighted to introduce Zinnia.

Zinnia is a boutique located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.  Their gorgeous store features artisan jewelry, fanciful gifts and beautiful home décor accessories. We are so happy to have you with us today.  What is your favorite Waxing Poetic Collection?

Over the early years that we carried Waxing Poetic, my favorite pieces were simply the letter charms in all styles.  I loved the way they could be combined to create dimensions and textures.  For my customers here in Charleston, SC, who absolutely love monogramming favorite handbags and home products, the letter charms became the new “monogram.”  We combined charms willy-nilly and each custom necklace was special. Allowing the customers to incorporate symbols from their own experiences, as well as surrounding a favorite pendant with Waxing Poetic Charms, has been a huge success.

Today, I truly enjoy transitioning my original Waxing Poetic customers into the Bracelet Collection part of the line.  Using the nifty Charm Clips, together we are creating new ways to wear all the charms and symbols on the new styles of bracelets, which were previously worn on the Necklace Collections. The creative ideas of customers in creating their personal pieces are always passed on to new customers.

What are your favorite pieces?
Crosses in any style or design are so popular.  My customers are rooted in strong self, community and church beliefs and a cross, invariably, becomes part of most Waxing Poetic “stories.”  The more crosses I can present as part of most groupings the better.

What are your customer’s favorite collections?
The current Devotion Collection is such a strong part of our sales. The variety of shapes and styles in crosses makes it possible for a customer to express one’s faith either boldly or subtly.  My personal favorite is the Faith Crystal Pendant, which is wrapped around the smoky quartz crystal  - this adds sparkle to all of my pieces.

What are your customer’s favorite pieces?
When it comes to drama and storytelling, the Wing & Prayer Charms along with the Signature Seal Charms are the beginning of many necklaces.  Recently, the new Charm Clips are included with each sale. Customers want to use their favorite charms now on bracelets, as well.  What an innovative and “must have” item.

Do you have any fun stories or interesting tidbits that you would like to share?
My customers seek out ZINNIA from several surrounding states because they know we feature a wide selection of all Waxing Poetic designs.  If we don’t have what they need, we special order and ship for free to them.  We had a young customer last year getting married in Virginia and wanted Baby Ball Gold Chain Necklaces and Baby Insignia Charms for each of her 7 attendants.  We did not have 3 of the initials.  One of the attendants was traveling from Charleston, by car, to the wedding.  We were able to call other Waxing Poetic dealers in South Carolina and North Carolina on her travel route, and she picked up the needed charms along the way.  We worked together to make sure my customer had a worry free special day.

Thank you so much for joining us today!
If you are in the area be sure to check out Zinnia (www.shopzinnia.com) at the Belle Hall Shopping Center located at 644-O Long Point Road in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.  We can also be reached by phone at 843-388-9433.




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