Working with my Sister: in a word, Magic.

“My name is Chris Cornell, and I’m here to induct my hometown heroes, Heart.” That’s how the Soundgarden front man started his Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction speech (televised this past weekend).

Cornell continued by saying, “Let us now praise sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson.” before mentioning the rest of the original band. “Together these people made magic.”

Dreamboat Annie Cover (1976)

Dreamboat Annie Cover (1976)

Yes they did. And still do, after over 30 years of playing together - and even after breaking up for a while.

Upon seeing the sisters (who also happen to be mothers) accept their award and rock out together, I was reminded:
a) how special it is to even HAVE a sister
b) how lucky we are to work together, and how meaningful our professional journey has been
c) how I can never take that for granted

Ann and Nancy could have made music with anyone I suppose, but they would not have made Heart. The fact that they are sisters brings an intangible synergy that makes the music that much better.

Heart. It truly is magic.

Photo of Patti and Lizanne as young girls

Photo of Patti and Lizanne as girls

We are born to our parents, and may have spouses, but it has been said that the people with whom we really share life’s journey are our brothers and sisters. Working with Lizanne has given me the opportunity to deepen my bond to her. Sometimes, our work relationship is so easy, I can’t believe it. And sometimes, it is so challenging, I want to retreat.

But it is always my sister that I come back to. She is a rock, a guiding light, a force of nature, a confidant, a protector, a mother. And as we work together, side-by-side, and come together to make decisions from our individual perspectives, our business grows, and we move deeper and deeper into sisterhood. At the end of the day, I think “How wondrous it is to be doing something remarkable with my sister. How magical.”

There are many phenomena in business, but this one has held true for Waxing Poetic:  whenever we consider each other, our business benefits. We, the sisters, should always drive that point home… this true core of our business: our connectedness. When we are operating from a place of family, of love, of togetherness, we move mountains. When there is mutual trust, respect and love, and a shared vision, great things happen.

I am inextricably bound to my sister. And maybe that is the greatest lesson that working with her has given me: it is GOOD to be bound by love, all of us, even if it sometimes challenges us. We can’t deny it, we can’t walk away. Unconditional love. It makes us look in the mirror, summon up what we got, and rise to the occasion. And somehow, one of the things that makes the magic in the end.

Here with some real heart: Heart performing Crazy on You at the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame awards.

Thanks to my sister Lizanne, and all the sisters out there that inspire and bring heart to what they do.




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