Coming Soon: The Personal Vocabulary Collection

Sharing love, sharing a new language.

If I close my eyes (something my daughter always prompts me to do when I am trying to remember) and think about one thing that made me happy each day, it would look something like this collection over time.

Another birthday.
My daughter.
A celebration.
Good fortune.
A gift.
Something that makes me smile…

The world is perfect, and filled with the many wonders that, when recognized, for each of us, add up to a joyful life. Personal Vocabulary is an expression of this.

If there is one language that begs for increased vocabulary, it is LOVE. So, you’ll notice that the word LOVE is in the title of each piece in this collection, because we just couldn’t shake it! It is infiltrating our open hearts.

So, now, a peek into our new, collective language: an ever-expanding vocabulary of joyful living, piece by marvelous piece. Let’s spread the word (love)…

PattiPersonal vocabulary on ongoing ballad bracelet


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