Design Inspiration: The Tree of Life grows

tree of life charm sketch

A look behind the process of an evolving collection.

When we first introduced our Wing & A Prayer Tree of Life charm over six years ago, we had no idea how beloved it would become, or that it would eventually play such a central role in the Waxing Poetic story.

It was actually one of the most difficult charms we have ever designed (we created countless hand-sketched tree iterations and carvings before arriving at the one we now know and love... Who knew it would take months and months, but it did).Wing and a prayer tree of life charm Exploring every branch, twist, leaf and root (and nuance) of our Tree of Life was, and still is, a meditation. This is one of those designs that you just channel and get lost in, and then go back to and get lost in those branches all over again, discovering something... Tree of life combo The Tree of Life sparked something in our design team from the beginning, and our customers responded the same way: love, love, love. The Tree of Life may be one of the most universal symbols of the energy of being alive and connected to each other on this planet. The tree is also a symbol for family, which is where, we suppose, it all started for us. And then along came the wonderful locket.Tree of Life LocketFor all of these reasons, we continue to return to our Tree. This time, it is reimagined by our lead designer, Stephanie Kheder, who created additions to this collection, including a new signature “Celebrate the Journey” medallion. tree-of-life-new-additionsOft taken for granted, oft portrayed in so, so many ways, a tree is almost like a sunset: hard to “see” for its truth. Such natural perfection is challenging to interpret sometimes ... so magnificently beautiful, our tree is a central force of life and central to our understanding of who we are.

We love our families, this planet, and the great Tree that connects us all. We only hope we have done it justice, and that it holds as much meaning for those who wear it as it does for us.

And this probably won’t be the last time we return to the tree, looking for, well, everything.

View our current Tree of Life designs.

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