The Pelican Inn

A short flight up the coast, hundreds of years ago

Having cause to find a place to stay on short notice is not entirely bad. And being led to The Pelican Inn in Muir Beach by a love of charming places was entirely good.  A replica of a 16th century Tudor inn, the Pelican is something to experience.

Cozy.  Ales.  Cozy.  Bangers. Cozy. Mash.  Like that.

You get lost in the crookedness and curves and charm and details, and love that went into this place.  You stay up late with the staff and other guests tasting wine and playing darts.  You wish to stay suspended in time. Only seven rooms, each kept by a metal key.Not-so-square doors (duck if you are tall).  And: if you stay in room 7, a secret stairway to the “Snug” (a private room with fireplace, where, back in the day, women who drank used to hide and imbibe). The mantel in the dark pub dining room is engraved with FEAR KNOCKED AT THE DOOR, FAITH ANSWERED ~ NO ONE WAS THERE. Write your initials here, over the thick tapestried canopied bed.Rooster courage greets and sees you off. Metal piece honoring Sir Francis Drake, who beached his ship nearby… way back then. The Tudor bar, with date carved in, adds authenticity.


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