Superhero of Love

"Designing and Leading Waxing Poetic from the Heart"

Our founder, Patti Pagliei was interviewed by Bridget Fonger on her podcast called Superhero of Love.patti In the interview, Patti talks about how she overcame the many challenges that life threw her way, such as her battle with cancer, the threat of losing her home due to natural disasters, and the love that helped her family get through many health hardships. It's a must hear! Listen below.




- November 18, 2018

I absolutely love her jewelry! I had hinted to my husband to buy me a piece and after a month traveling to Bali and various places in Indonesia, I realized that is where this jewelry is made! After the fact, how wild! We have been to Indonesia and Bali before and I knew how special these people were. I was even more enamored then, and happy, because I knew how geniuine these people are who make these beautiful pieces! I cannot tell you how much they mean to mean…truly awesome and this lady is incredible, and all the people who keep this going. The jewelry is a testament to the positive meanings and talismans that we need in the current day, no matter what your situation is. Peace and Love to all!! Waxingpoetic is beautiful!

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