The Restorative Meanings Inherent to Quartz Jewelry

Different types of quartz, often used as gemstones in pendants or bracelets, carry with them a variety of weighty philosophical and therapeutic meanings. Quartz, while quite common and easily dug up in many locations around the planet, is nevertheless a mineral that has been cherished for thousands of years — including by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans — for its wide range of healing properties. Once believed to be permanently frozen chunks of ice (which it isn’t), quartz still holds a special place in people's hearts today.

Here are some of the more metaphysical and spiritual meanings attributed to different types of quartz, and thus quartz jewelry, that you’ll likely run across, that still hold today.Amethyst Meaning

Amethyst, which is the birthstone for February, comes in a variety of purple hues, from indigo and dark violet to a lovely plum. Purple signifies purity and cleansing. A charm or strand necklace with amethyst protects the wearer from unhealthy emotions and bad vibes. (Nasty juju be gone!) In a world with plenty of less-than-noble actors messing with your life, jewelry made with amethyst can help alleviate feelings of anger, fear and stress. This mineral can also assist in building a positive barrier around you that will help keep the harmful, corrosive intentions or feelings of others (i.e., negative people you could do with less of) at bay.Rose Quartz Meaning

Rose Quartz, with its attractive pink color, has everything to do with the human heart. This soothing gemstone is said to nurture feelings of kindness, openness, and empathy toward human beings and other living creatures.rose quartz pendant or talisman will sweep away the destructive emotional cobwebs of anger and envy that linger or stick to the inside of the heart or mind, thus freeing up space for unconditional love and a greater appreciation for all of the natural beauty to be found in the world. Harmony and balance, in combination with the purest forms of love, stem from rose quartz. This means that anyone choosing to wear this pink gem as a piece of ornate jewelry is in possession of a soul ready for warm, fuzzy affection, and good feelings all around.Crystal Quartz Meaning

Ah, clear crystal quartz, the mother of all quartz gemstones. If you want a potent restorative stone, crystal quartz is the way to go. This complex silicate mineral, made up of silicon and oxygen, acts as an energy magnifier (especially when used in tandem with other curative crystals) that prepares the mind for more profound spiritual experiences. Clear quartz, also going by the name of “rock crystals,” is a versatile stone, linked intimately to a person’s raw intentions at their deepest levels.

To get the most out of a crystal quartz ring or birthstone charm (for people born in April), imbue your crystal with your sincerest intentions through focused meditation. Keep your crystal quartz near your body, preferably wearing it as jewelry, and revisit these positive intentions periodically throughout the day. In essence, let your crystal quartz guide you as you try to actualize those core desires defining your life now, and that you hope will structure your life goals in the months and years to come.


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