Our beautiful, Brave life.

Sara Bareilles & Joshua King Be Brave

All of us, even the most peaceful, passive, seemingly weak of us, have a brave self inside of us, that is usually freed up when crisis hits, or when we feel trapped by what we view as limitations.

Bee Brave Pendant in Rose Quartz

Bee Brave Pendant in Rose Quartz

Sometimes we temporarily forget this birthright.  So God gives us (or we create) breakdowns of all sorts, and we either witness them or experience them ourselves, and know again that we are stronger then we think.  And once we taste this bravery, we want it, all the time.

When we design, we are always drawing on our experiences of this living bravery, so as to create reminders, small treasures and markers, of our dreams. The bravest ones, the truest ones. The dreams that are the most authentic expressions of who we are.

Some people are not called to be brave in an overt way, but develop a brave self over time.  Others, like Joshua King, discover this earlier (at 3 years old he was diagnosed with Leukemia).  His story and positive attitude really spoke to my heart.

He has adopted the motto, “Be Brave,” which is an anthem we all love here (and we are in good company with the legions are Sara Bareilles fans dancing in the streets!).  She has connected with him in such a fantastic way… and helped this amazing boy realizes one of his dreams, which is to sing Sara’s song of the same name with her:

Wishing Sara the best of luck at the upcoming Grammy awards this Sunday night… and sending much love and thanks to Joshua for showing us pure spirit and love.  Two incredible, living reminders of this beautiful, brave life we are all living.

Find out more about some organizations that have supported Joshua and guide and help families who are dealing with pediatric cancer: http://bebrave.me/resources.html

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