Your Heart Is Your Map...

Over the past several months we have been in the throws of our new journey… New innovative jewelry designs that blend perfectly with our classic collections.  A new catalog that mirrors a stunning likeness to storied art books of poetry and gorgeous photography. A revamped website that is home to yes, of course, our jewelry, but also a collective of traditions and the history of the company, our materials and our designs.   In essence…Waxing Poetic's story. And here, now, our new blog. This, our very first blog post, welcomes you behind the scenes on the catalog photo shoot in Laguna Beach, California.

Meet the softly feminine and serene Paisley prepping for a shot, wearing a gold plated Baby Charm on a gold plated Baby Ball chain.  That glow you see coming from the charm… that is a divine memory held close to the heart.  Pretty darn wonderful, isn’t it?

And this is Haddon:  A naturally radiant beauty with a mesmerizing musical talent, wearing the Spirit Brew Remedy in a Bottle charm, a Flip Flourish pendant, and a mix of the Birth Ornament and Banner bracelets, … a fearless blend of novel and classic with a touch of  a hip trendsetting combination.  Who knew that bold and graceful would be a match made in heaven?  We did.  And, now, so do you.

Paisley, exercising wonderful calm and patience while being nudged and poked, is adorned with Storybook Pages’ Everlasting charm,  a Signature Seal pendant, Poetry Fragment bangles, and Banner bracelets.  Timeless gold and silver and earthy leather… and oh my gosh… stunning.

Here's  our resident pixie (wishing on Your Heart is Your Map pocket tokens) soaking in wonder and being a refreshing reminder to absorb the bits of beauty that have been in front of us all along.

We have an inherent ability to create a life sparked by our wishes and hopes; to use our heart as a map.  And if you need these charms and tokens to remind you of your own strength of intention along your odyssey, then so be it.  Amulets are ancient and magical for good reason. They work because we believe, we have faith, and we hope.  And through this, we experience one heck of a thrilling journey.Join us…




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