Musings From Our Lead Designer On Our Latest Product Release

by Lead Designer, Stephanie Kheder


Essence of Life Rumi Pendant, Essence of Life Choker, Essence of Life Bangle, Moon Daisy Pendant

This summer’s new product release evokes transformation and renewed energy through an awakening. Bridging our storied roots into a more contemporary and trend forward direction (and still keepsake) has inspired pieces that illuminate the freedom that change brings. The addition of more stones and components represents this both conceptually with light and reflection but also elevates the tone of the jewelry and literally brings in pops of shine and color. We love the metallic vibe and the edge that pyrite brings, and conversely the softness of smoky and milky crystal and pearl. Also the combined doublets, the webbing and imperfections within stones, like in the Stellare Signature Stones, or the lunar surface of an irregular pearl reminds us that we are conglomerations of reinvention…we are not perfect and many stories combine to make us into who we are.

Some notable pieces in this offering are all of the moons that mark bright renewal: the Moon Daisy Pendant, the Archer Moon Pendant, and the Eveningstar Pendant. The Essence of Life thorn collection also represents the beauty and rarity that comes through contrast. The collection was inspired by the Rumi quote "The rose’s rarest essence lives in the thorns." It is featured on the back of the Rumi Pendant which was the first piece we designed in this group and the rest of the collection unfolded from this. The choker and the bangle are our favorite picks not only from the Essence of Life collection, but everyone loves these most from the entire release.

Other notable pieces not to be missed... The Custom Intertwined Initials Ring and Custom Liber Ring, the Solvere Collection, namely the Solvere Pendant and Solvere Large Heart Cuff.


Solvere Pendant, Solvere Large Heart Cuff


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