Staff Favorites: Janelle

My favorite Waxing Poetic combination right now is the 30 inch Thin Rolo With Brass Beads Chain paired with the Live True Your Heart is Your Map Pendant and the Mother of Pearl Charm in“J.”  I love how feminine the Mother of Pearl Charm is and the mix of metals gives it a unique feel. It is also fun to wear each item separately or pair with other Waxing Poetic Jewelry. I often pair the brass “J” with an 18 inch Baby Ball Chain or even wear the chain alone to create a simpler, yet still personal piece with an outfit. It is always fun to constantly mix and match charms to express your ever-evolving self.

The Waxing Poetic line gives everyone the capability to create a necklace that no one else has. I also love the different poetic meanings behind each charm. An example of a charm with a deeper meaning is the Your Heart is Your Map Pendant.  The one I chose says Live True, which is a saying I try to incorporate into my life.  This small saying can have many different meanings, but I think of it as stay true to yourself and don't allow someone to change who you are.

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