Staff Favorites: Brandy

I  enjoy wearing the Large Rolo Chain with a gold “B” Crest Insignia Charm, along with the Pastime Music Charm and the sterling silver/brass Crown Charm. I like the way the Large Rolo Chain catches the eye. I was never typically attracted to the crown symbol in the past until I saw this one. I love how it’s not overly feminine especially when paired with the Large Rolo Chain, but it still has a slight touch of femininity. The crown, to me symbolizes strength. It also reminds me that I am worthy and deserving of great things. The Pastime Music Charm is very personal to me. My mother’s side of the family is very artistic and musical so growing up it has always been a part of my life that has brought me joy. I like to add the miniature gold “B” Crest Insignia Charm (my initial) for a little pop of color that is a nice contrast with the silver, and also makes the brass in the crown stand out.

I have always been the type of person who wants to wear something that no one else has. My life and moods are ever changing and I show that with the jewelry I wear. Some days I like to wear a simple single charm for a more natural look and other days I go for something bolder. What I love about WP is that you can mix and combine pieces, so the possibilities are endless! It’s always fun for me to see what other people put together because it gives me a little insight into their unique personalities and it’s nice how you can express your individuality through this jewelry. I feel throughout one’s life there are significant lessons, people, and experiences--wearing Waxing Poetic jewelry is a way for me to remember these special moments…

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